Is the Mathews Switchback XT a good bow?

Is the Mathews Switchback XT a good bow?

One of the best single cam bows Many shooters agree the Switchback XT is a superior quality single cam bow. With a silky smooth draw cycle, this bow is considered to have a unique blend of smoothness, quietness, and speed. This bow has received a lot of great feedback and comments from shooters throughout the world.

What is the difference between Mathews Switchback and Switchback XT?

The Switchback and Switchback XT bows had different cams, which is the primary difference between the two models and invariably the reason for the slight difference in maximum arrow velocity. The Switchback had the Mathews StraightLine C1 cam while the Switchback XT had an XT cam.

What year is Mathews Switchback XT?

For 2006 there are two new bows with the Switchback name: the Switchback LD for archers with longer draw lengths, and the Switchback XT for everyone else.

How much does a Mathews Switchback XT weight?

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MASS WEIGHT: 4.25 pounds
LETOFF: 80-percent; 65-percent optional
GRIP: Laminated hardwood IN-Line Grip
BRACE HEIGHT: 7.5 inches

How fast is a Mathews Switchback?

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Bow Mathews Switchback Mathews Switchback XT
Draw Weight 40 lbs – 70 lbs 40 lbs – 70 lbs
IBO Speed 318 fps 315 fps
Weight 4.34 lbs 4.25 lbs
Let-Off 65% or 80% 65% or 80%

What is the let-off of a Mathews Switchback XT?

Below are the specs for the Mathews Switchback XT compound bow….Mathews Switchback XT Specifications.

Brace Height 7.5 “
IBO Speed 315 fps
Weight 4.25 lbs
Let-Off 65% or 80%

Is a Mathews Switchback XT adjustable?

the XT has no adjustment in draw length other than changing the cam…

What is the let off of a Mathews Switchback XT?

How do you increase the draw weight on a Mathews Switchback?

You don’t change cams to change draw weight. You should be able to back the limb bolts off to decrease draw weight. If that isn’t enough, you would have to get 50-60 pound limbs to replace your 70 pound limbs.

Can you adjust draw length on Mathews Switchback?

matthews doesn’t have a module system where you can adjust the draw length you have to change the cam suited to one for your draw. Any Matthews dealer can do this.

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