Is the Harker School Worth It?

Is the Harker School Worth It?

The Harker Upper School is a wonderful private high school with great teachers, resources, and sense of community. I would highly recommend this school for its strong sense of community and wonderful academic resources, but there are social-justice related issues that students and alumni are currently battling against.

Is it difficult to get into Harker?

Harker is a “1%” school. It is one of the handful of high schools in this country that are interested in the Top 1%, those that perform academically at the very highest level and who are likely to continue to do so as half of their class ends up at Stanford, MIT, the Ivies or Berkeley.

What is Harker known for?

The Harker School is a kindergarten-grade 12 private school in Silicon Valley that has earned international recognition for its top academics, quality teachers and student achievements. Harker blends strong college-prep academics with rich offerings in STEM and the arts. …

How do I get into Harker?

Our main entry points are kindergarten and grades 3, 4, 6 and 9. We accept applications to all other grades except grade 12, and enrollment will be offered to qualified applicants if a space becomes available. *Harker, K-12, has a 97% retention rate with minimal attrition.

Does Harker require IQ test?

Some private schools such as Harker, Nueva and Helios Schools require cognitive testing as part of the admission process. Kuhn and associate psychologists have worked closely with prospective parents and admissions staff at these schools for many years.

Is Harker a boarding school?

In 1992, we became The Harker School. The boarding program closed in 2002, and the school became one of the largest K-12 independent college preparatory schools in the west.

How do you get into Harker?

Our standard points of entry are kindergarten and grades 3, 4, 6 and 9. New students may enter Harker at all grade levels except grade 12. In grades 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11 the number of openings depends on attrition and there are usually more qualified applicants than spaces.

How many students attend Harker high?

800approximate, Upper School
The Harker School – Middle School Campus/Number of students

What is the meaning of Harker?

English (mainly northeastern England and West Yorkshire): habitational name from either of two places in Cumbria, or from one in the parish of Halsall, near Ormskirk, Lancashire. The Cumbrian places are probably named from Middle English hart ‘male deer’ + kerr ‘marshland’.

Is Harvard-Westlake prestigious?

For the 2019–2020 school year, Niche ranked Harvard-Westlake the best private high school in Los Angeles, the 2nd best private high school in California, and the 6th best private school in the United States.

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