Is Steve Weiss Music legit?

Is Steve Weiss Music legit?

The customer service was absolutely fabulous. I won’t hesitate to buy from Steve Weiss Music. I’ve been using Steve Weiss Music for almost 20 years and they have a great team who are always willing to get you what you need WHEN you need it and at a great price.

Who owns innovative percussion?

Jeff Fiedler, CEO of the Santa Clara Vanguard says “I’m very proud to announce the return of Innovative Percussion to the Vanguard family as one of our esteemed partners.

What does a timpani drum look like?

A type of drum categorised as a hemispherical drum, they consist of a membrane called a head stretched over a large bowl traditionally made of copper. They are played by striking the head with a specialized drum stick called a timpani stick or timpani mallet.

Does Steve Weiss have free shipping?

Facebook Only FREE Shipping Special: Place any order today using this link: and receive FREE SHIPPING on any order.

Where are innovative percussion sticks made?

Nashville Tennessee
The early roots of Innovative Percussion are based in Nashville Tennessee where the company resides today. Two university percussion majors began making their own mallets when the market place could not fulfill their needs.

Are chimes tuned or untuned?

Steel pan, chimes, gongs & bells are also tuned percussion instruments. Conga, bongo, drum sets, cowbell, clave, djembe, ashikos, doumbeks, timbales & certain chimes, gongs & bells are common examples of non-tuned percussion.

Is flute a percussion?

Idiophones are instruments whose own substance vibrates to produce sound (as opposed to the strings of a guitar or the air column of a flute); examples include bells, clappers, and rattles. Membranophones emit sound by the vibration of a stretched membrane; the prime examples are drums.

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