Is Shuma-Gorath stronger than Galactus?

Is Shuma-Gorath stronger than Galactus?

Shuma-Gorath is portrayed as a being with superior power than Galactus, as he existed before all, before time, being “the emptiness outside all understanding”.

Is Shuma-Gorath strong?

Shuma-Gorath Is Virtually Unstoppable in His Dimension As a power of Chaos, he has the ability to control the minds of those around him and in other dimensions. His supernatural abilities also grant him omnipotence. Physically, his hide is incredibly strong and can only be damaged by powerful magical attacks.

Is Mephisto more powerful than Galactus?

Although the demon wasn’t strictly defeated, his might wasn’t enough to truly beat back Galactus, and indeed Galactus came close to wiping out his entire realm mid-battle. Although Mephisto is almost impossible to defeat, it’s clear that Galactus is one of the few forces capable of outlasting him.

Who is stronger than Galactus?

4. Eternity. First appearing in Strange Tales #138, Eternity, the twin brother of Infinity and the sibling of Death and Oblivion, is the very embodiment of time. Greater than Galactus, he can manipulate space, time, and reality.

Who is stronger Dormammu or Shuma-Gorath?

Is Shuma Gorath more powerful than Dormammu (MCU)? – Quora. Definitely yes! Shuma Gorath is one of the so called “Old Ones” who came to earth millions of years ago. Shuma Gorath cannot die, can only be temporarily physically destroyed.

Who defeated Shuma-Gorath?

As Kulan Gath turned unwitting drug users into Shuma-Gorath-esque zombies, the cannibal sorcerer consumed Shuma-Gorath’s body and power one bite at a time. Despondent in its near-death state, Shuma-Gorath declared that Kulan Gath has won his war, while Doctor Strange tries fruitlessly to stem the bleeding.

Is Ghost Rider stronger than Galactus?

Yes. He can and has before. He used his penance stare to obliterate him and essentially delete his soul.

Who would win Galactus or Odin?

Odin is the greatest of the Asgardians, but his powers aren’t really on the level of Galactus, infact, much below. His powers are greater than Silver Surfer or Thanos, but not exponentially, with experience and mastery of magic both Thanos and SS can defeat Odin.

Who is stronger Dormammu or Shuma Gorath?

Is the Beyonder stronger than Galactus?

For a period of time, the Beyonder was arguably the most powerful being in the entire Marvel Universe. Those powers have proven to be enough to destroy universes, and as such could affect Galactus to the point that the Beyonder could overpower him.

Who would win in a fight Shuma vs Galactus?

Shuma wins against any version of Galactus in his dimension, or a merged dimension where they can both use the full extent of their powers, as Shuma IS not quite as strong outside of his Chaos Dimension. Shuma is at Galactus’ level when Galactus is no where near full. Galactus would take out Gorath 8 times out of 10 on a random encounter.

What happens if Galactus and Shuma Gorath ever cross path?

If Galactus ever crosses path with Shuma Gorath, unfortunately for Galactus, his planet-eating days will be over. Galactus stomps Gorath, whether this is within Gorath’ realm or outside of it. ” Galactus stomps Gorath, whether this is within Gorath’ realm or outside of it.

Is Beyonder more powerful than Shuma-Gorath?

Shuma-Gorath is stated to be the most ancient and powerful demon in the Marvel Universe. Shuma Gorath was stated to be omnipotent, just like Beyonder, so Beyonder about equal to Shuma gorath. And it was stated that BEYONDER CAN CRUSH GALACTUS LIKE A BUG.

Is Mephisto stronger than Shuma-Gorath?

@Turlast: Shuma-Gorath is definitely stronger than Mephisto, though. Mephisto is practically useless outside of his realm, while even when Shuma-Gorath was outside of his realm he couldn’t be hurt, only banishment through Dr. Strange magic got rid of him.

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