Is Selected Homme a luxury brand?

Is Selected Homme a luxury brand?

Selected Homme is luxury menswear brand which fits perfectly with the essence of Palladium.

Who makes Selected Homme?

ABOUT BESTSELLER SELECTED FEMME/HOMME is part of Bestseller, a Danish family-owned clothing company founded in 1975. Today, Bestseller employs more than 41,000 people, who are designing, developing, selling, and marketing Bestseller’s brands.

Is Stone Island C.P. Company?

History. Designer Massimo Osti founded Stone Island in 1982, initially as a secondary line to complement his principal brand C.P. Company which he had started in 1971. In 1983 the company sold 50% of the business to GFT(Gruppo Finanziario Tessile), who acquired the rest of the company in 1991.

What brand is CP?

Company is an Italian apparel brand founded in 1971 by designer Massimo Osti. Initially called Chester Perry by the suggestion of his fashion entrepreneur friend Corrado Zannoni, its name was changed in 1978 following a lawsuit by Chester Barry and Fred Perry, for the use of their first name and surname.

Where Is SELECTED Homme from?

Based in Denmark, SELECTED HOMME is a Nordic menswear fashion brand rooted in a contemporary design aesthetic.

Is selected an Indian brand?

3. Is selected an Indian brand? Born in Denmark, SELECTED is an international brand for men, providing modern consumers a unique offering of style and craftsmanship at an attractive price point.

Who bought Stone Island?

Moncler has now purchased the remaining 30 percent of Stone Island for $419 million, following the initial deal in December that valued the brand at €1.15 billion ($1.4 billion). The deal is expected to close at the end of March following approval from Moncler’s shareholders.

What does C.P. clothing stand for?

OUR STORY. In 1971 Massimo Osti, the revolutionary designer internationally recognized as the “godfather of sportswear”, founded Chester Perry brand, renamed into C.P. Company in 1978.

Is SELECTED an Indian brand?

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