Is RST forks a good brand?

Is RST forks a good brand?

RSt forks are known to be low quality. The reason why you don’t see many high end bikes with them is it is not the worth the manufacturers money or RST’s money ot make higher end fork, no one wants a RST fork on their 3k rig.

Is RST suspension good?

The RST Stitch Coil is a stout all mountain fork with a stiff chassis and a simple, reliable damper. While it does not rival a top of the line fork in all areas of performance, it is a stand out in the category in terms of stiffness and overall ride characteristics.

How do I know if my forks need servicing?

Some indicators for basic bath oil/seal service = leaking around seals, excessive oily dirt goo build up on top of seals that reappears on every ride, visible wear on stanchions(by that time it’s too late).

What is preload on a bike?

Preload: This adjuster bears down on the shock or fork spring and shortens or extends the spring accordingly. Preload is used to adjust the shock or spring to the correct range of operation within the suspension’s travel-more preload will raise the bike up on its suspension, keeping you near the top of its travel.

Why do shocks leak air?

The only way you can lose air from the system is if the shock pump seal or shock valve pin is damaged. Hair, dirt or damage to the pump head seal will allow air to creep out between the valve and pump head and lose pressure.

What’s better air or coil forks?

Air forks are lighter because the spring is provided by air, which weighs nothing. Coil forks, on the other hand, have heavy steel coil springs. The lighter weight at the front of the bike makes the steering feel faster and more responsive. It’s also easier to lift the front of the bike up and hop.

How much does a shock service cost?

Shock Replacement Cost The average total cost to replace a pair of shocks will run about $250 to $580. An individual shock absorber will cost around $50 to $140 so parts alone will set you back between $100 and $280. A couple hours of labor to do the job is an additional $150 to $300.

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