Is Pepperfry a Chinese company?

Is Pepperfry a Chinese company?

Pepperfry is an Indian online marketplace for furniture and home décor. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and operates as a subsidiary of Trendsutra Platform Services Private Limited.

How many stores does Pepperfry have?

Pepperfry currently has 32 franchise stores, typically 1200-1500 sq ft each, in 25 cities and 41 company-owned, larger stores that are at least 3000-4000 sq ft in size. It had launched its earlier franchise scheme Pepperfry Venture Program last year and has added 20 new stores since then.

Which website is best for furniture?

Pepperfry. This website stocks curated pieces within a budget suiting all kinds of interior requirements.

  • Wooden Street. Wooden Street offers stellar choices when it comes to stand alone furniture pieces like queen-size beds, wardrobes or ottomans.
  • Urban Ladder.
  • InLiving.
  • Rise Only.
  • Flipkart.
  • Snapdeal.
  • What happened to Pepperfry?

    Indian online furniture marketplace Pepperfry saw its business, like many other businesses across the world, come to a complete halt in March 2020.

    Who is founder of Pepperfry?

    Interview: Ashish Shah, Co-founder & COO, Pepperfry.

    How do I exchange old furniture in Pepperfry?

    In order to avail the service, Pepperfry customers can fill up an online form by clicking on the link “Furniture Exchange” program on and choose the option to sell on Quikr. The Quikr team will evaluate, offer fair market price and pick-up the furniture after sale.

    How does pepper fry work?

    Once a product is sold, it is brought from the sellers to Pepperfry’s warehouse, where the quality of the product is checked, and the product is packed and dispatched to the customer. Currently, Pepperfry is working with 10,000+ merchant partners who sell their products all over India.

    Why is it called Pepperfry?

    Pepperfry, a home products and furniture portal chose the name to reflect the company’s business attitude. “Pepper is very Indian and an honest spice and fry is associated with fun food, the name needs to reflect the company’s values not product,’ said Murty.

    How do I use Pepperfry credits?

    How To Use Pepperfry Cashback?

    1. Go to Pepperfry app or web.
    2. Login to your ID.
    3. Buy the products you want to purchase.
    4. Go to the payment section.
    5. Use the money in your wallet.
    6. Complete the payment, and your Pepperfry Cashback is now consumed in your shopping.

    How long does Pepperfry take to deliver?

    By focusing on developing in-house big-box logistics, Pepperfry has been able to bring down the delivery time from 25 days to almost 11 days now. In Mumbai, it can be done within 24 hours. The delivery vehicles are highly customised, and are padded from inside to prevent scratching.

    What happened to FabFurnish?

    FabFurnish FabFurnish was a Mumbai-based online furniture store which was acquired from Germany’s Rocket Internet (as per Times of India) by Vikram Chopra, Mehul Agrawal and Vaibhav Aggarwal in 2011. It also managed to die a slow death in 2017 due to sluggish demand and the complexity of the business.

    How do I contact Pepperfry?

    Email Us 24×7 [email protected] Talk To Us 10AM – 7PM (Monday to Saturday) 022-6157-6157

    How do I track my order with Pepperfry?

    You can also track your order by visiting and clicking on the Track Your Order link located in the upper right-hand corner of the website. From there, you can either login, or type in your order information to get tracking.

    What is peerpepperfry?

    Pepperfry offers more than a million products ranging from furniture and home furnishings to appliances. Pepperfry is unique as it doesn’t restrict itself to being an online player, but straddles both the online and offline businesses.

    Why can’t I access the my Account section on Pepperfry?

    You are not a registered user and bought a product as a guest user on and hence are not able to access the “My Account’ Section. In such case, you can chat with us or have our Customer Service team call you by giving a missed call at 022-6157 6157 between 10AM – 7PM.”

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