Is Paltalk safe?

Is Paltalk safe?

“Paltalk exercises extreme care to protect and secure users’ data, only responding to court orders as required to by law. Paltalk does not provide any government agency with direct access to its servers.”

What is Paltalk used for?

Paltalk is a proprietary video group chat service that enables users to communicate by video, Internet chat, or voice. It offers chat rooms and the ability for users to create their own public virtual chat room.

How do I contact Paltalk?

Paltalk subscribers and premium room owners have expanded support options including billing support, password and secret question help, and more….Subscription Support.

Contact Support : Select your payment type Credit or Debit Card Western Union PayPal Check or Money Order
Phone support : (212) 520-7000

How do I report someone on Paltalk?

We do have a legacy email address [email protected], but we do not advise using email as your primary contact method, as other methods will get you a faster response. Members who have been with us for a while may also remember a phone support service.

Is Paltalk still good?

Paltalk has a consumer rating of 1.26 stars from 47 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Paltalk most frequently mention chat rooms problems. Paltalk ranks 139th among Mobile Applications sites.

How does Paltalk make money?

PAYING PALTALK CUSTOMERS, about 100,000 strong, carry most of the freight for everyone else. Katz says about two-thirds of his company’s revenue comes from paid subscriptions, with the rest from advertising. Adding the paid service has made the company profitable, although I doubt anyone at PalTalk is getting rich.

How do I use the Paltalk app?

How do I start chatting with people? Start by checking out our featured rooms, the Paltalk chat rooms that are especially popular with other Paltalk members right now. Tap on any room to join the room. Once you’ve joined a room, you can turn on your device’s camera to broadcast yourself.

How do I cancel my Paltalk subscription?

Scroll down and tap on ‘Subscriptions’ Tap on your ‘Paltalk’ subscription. Tap ‘Cancel Subscription’….If you have an auto-renewing subscription through the google play store:

  1. Launch the Google Play Store app.
  2. Tap Menu / My Apps / Subscriptions.
  3. Select the Paltalk subscription.

How do you pay on Paltalk?

Can I pay with PayPal? Print

  1. Access our payment page by selecting ‘MyPaltalk’ from the ‘file’ menu on the main pal list window.
  2. Click on the ‘upgrade’ link next to where it says ‘subscription status’.
  3. Select the subscription you wish then click SUBMIT and Select the “PayPal” option.

What does extreme mean on Paltalk?

The next level is ‘Extreme’. Extreme members show in GREEN and can view unlimited simultaneous video windows in chat groups. Extreme members do not see ad banners in chat group windows or IM windows. Extreme members can join up to 3 (three) chat groups at the same time.

Can you change your name on Paltalk?

You can change the name, rating, description, picture, admins, anything! Log in at the top right of using the nickname that you own the room under. Now click on the ‘edit room’ link in the ‘my room’ section of the page.

Who is the owner of Paltalk?

Jason Katz
Jason Katz. Pres/CEO/COO, Paltalk Inc.

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