Is micropore tape the same as paper tape?

Is micropore tape the same as paper tape?

Medical tapes go by a lot of different names. Paper tape is often referred to as Micropore® tape, and transparent tape or plastic tape is often referred to as Transpore® tape.

What is 3M micropore tape used for?

Use to secure dressings and lightweight tubing and for repeated taping on fragile skin. 3M™ Micropore™ Surgical Tape is for securing small to medium dressings (especially on damp skin), lightweight tubing and ostomy appliances, as well as taping fragile, at-risk skin or when repeated taping is needed.

Is paper tape porous?

Paper Tape is lightweight, micro-porous tape that will hold even when wet.

What is micropore tape called?

3M Micropore Surgical Tape, 1530

Attribute Name Value
Material Paper
National Stock Number 6510008901369, 6510015594527, 6510008901370, 6510008901371, 6510015046977
Overall Length (Imperial) 1.5 yd, 10 yd
Overall Length (Metric) 1.37 m, 9.1 m

Is 3M micropore tape toxic?

This product is NOT classified as a hazardous chemical according to the Model Work Health and Safety Regulations, 2011, in accordance with applicable State and Territory legislation. When used as recommended or under ordinary conditions, it should not present a health and safety hazard.

What is the pore size of micropore tape?

Microporous materials have pore diameters of less than 2 nm. Mesoporous materials have pore diameters between 2 nm and 50 nm.

Can you shower with micropore tape?

You can shower or bath with the Micropore tape on and it dries off fairly quickly afterwards. As it starts to peel off you can remove it and replace it with a fresh strip. After one month the Micropore tape has done its job and it is time to start scar massage.

Is 3M micropore tape waterproof?

3M Micropore Waterproof Skin Friendly Surgical Tape.

How long does micropore tape stay on?

Following your breast surgery it is important to continue to keep the micropore tape over your scars for up to 6 weeks. The pressure of the micropore tape over your scars helps to reduce tension on the healing wound which helps reduce the risk of developing problematic scarring and improves surgical scars healing.

How long should I use micropore tape?

How long can you leave micropore tape on?

Is paper tape the same as micropore?

Micropore is a paper tape, whereas Transpore is a transparent plastic tape. 2. Micropore tape is not waterproof, whereas transpore tape is waterproof. 3. Micropore Tape is a lightweight, breathable paper tape that is delicate, yet offers secure bond particularly on sensitive skin.

Is paper tape hypoallergenic?

Description. 3M Nexcare – Micropore Paper Tape (Hypoallergenic) is a lightweight, breathable paper tape that is gentle, yet offers secure adhesion especially on sensitive skin. Micropore tape works well on frequently changed bandages and on ‘at risk’ skin. 3M gentle paper medical tape is the #1 paper tape used in hospitals. Size: 2″ x 10 yds.

What is micropore paper?

A Micropore Paper is a paper tape usually made from a breathable and light material, used as adhesive tape for wounds.

What is micropore surgical tape?

Use in medicine. Microporous adhesive tape is a surgical tape used to hold wound dressings and bandages in place, introduced in 1959 by 3M with the trade name Micropore. It can be used to hold gauze padding over small wounds, usually as a temporary measure until a suitable dressing is applied.

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