Is Latifi a Mercedes driver?

Is Latifi a Mercedes driver?

Nicholas Daniel Latifi (born 29 June 1995) is a Canadian-Iranian racing driver currently competing in Formula One for Williams Racing under the Canadian flag….Nicholas Latifi.

Formula One World Championship career
Nationality Canadian
2022 team Williams-Mercedes
Car number 6
Entries 39 (39 starts)

Who died at Zandvoort?

Roger Williamson

Died 29 July 1973 (aged 25) Zandvoort, Netherlands
Formula One World Championship career
Nationality British
Active years 1973
Teams March

What nationality is Nicholas Latifi?

Nicholas Latifi/Nationality

What causes Latifi crash?

Latifi said afterwards that his crash was caused by dirt on his tyres. “It was a tough race out there today and we were struggling for pace throughout,” he explained. “Towards the end of the grand prix I was racing with Mick Schumacher and was forced slightly wide, but fairly, at turn nine.

What did Latifi do wrong?

“It’s been a tricky corner all weekend for me, so dirty tyres, dirty air and I made a mistake. “I wasn’t aware of the situation of the race up until then. Obviously it was never my intention to inadvertently influence that, but I made a mistake and ruined my own race.”

Why is Latifi so rich?

He is the owner, Chairman and CEO of Sofina Foods Inc., a Markham, Ontario-based manufacturer of processed animal products. Sofina acquired Lilydale in a C$130 million deal in 2010, and Santa Maria Foods ULC, an importer and distributor of specialty Italian brands, in 2012.

What does Zandvoort mean in English?

Zandvoort is known to exist in 1100, called Sandevoerde (a combination of “sand” and “voorde”, meaning ford; compare English Sandford). Until 1722 the area was under the control of the Lords of Brederode.

What F1 driver died in 2019?

Anthoine Hubert

Anthoine Hubert
Nationality French
Born 22 September 1996 Lyon, France
Died 31 August 2019 (aged 22) Stavelot, Belgium
Debut season 2019

How much is George Russell paid?

ROKiT Williams Racing

Driver Age Salary
Nicholas Latifi 24 $1,200,000
George Russell 22 $1,200,000

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