Is Kinect a good 3D scanner?

Is Kinect a good 3D scanner?

A normal camera can be used for this, no need for fancy cameras with infrared sensors to get good results. These two “cameras” used by the Kinect allow it to make a decently accurate 3D scan of almost any object you wish to scan.

Does Skanect work with Xbox one Kinect?

Do you support the Kinect for Xbox One (Kinect V2)? Unfortunately, we have chosen to not support the Kinect for Xbox One (Kinect V2), as during our tests, the resulting 3D scans did not meet our standards for quality.

What is the newest Kinect sensor?

Microsoft Azure Kinect — The newest member of the Microsoft Kinect family of 3D sensors is a compact ToF module that adds a 12MP RGB video camera that is registered to the depth stream for high quality color imaging and textures. The Azure Kinect includes a built-in IMU for kinetic data.

What is the best 3D sensor for kinetic data stream?

Stereolabs Zed — Passive stereo 3D sensors available in large and small form factors, with wide and narrow baselines. The Zed Mini and Zed 2 feature integrated IMUs for kinetic data streams. Ensenso – Industrial-grade stereo 3D sensors with ruggedized construction and Gigabit Ethernet connections.

What is the best 3D sensor to buy?

Microsoft Kinect V1 (No longer available new) — The most ubiquitous consumer-grade 3D sensor ever produced. Originally launched to support Xbox gaming, the first Kinect became popular with roboticists and hackers for adding robust 3D sensing at low cost to robots, drones and other platforms.

Does primeprimesense carmine have a microphone?

PrimeSense Carmine (No longer available new) — The Carmine series is near-identical in specification to the original Microsoft Kinect, and was available in short- and mid-range models. Unlike the original Microsoft Kinect, the Carmine does not include a microphone array. Compatible with OpenNI for depth-powered application development.

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