Is Jim Diamond Dead?

Is Jim Diamond Dead?

Deceased (1951–2015)
Jim Diamond/Living or Deceased

What age is Jim Diamond?

64 years (1951–2015)
Jim Diamond/Age at death

What nationality is Jim Diamond?

Jim Diamond/Nationality

Was Jim Diamond in a band?

BanditSince 1976
Jim Diamond/Music groups

Was Jim Diamond married?

Christine Diamondm. 1978–2015
Jim Diamond/Spouse

How old is George Michael?

53 years (1963–2016)
George Michael/Age at death

Who were PhD?

D. were a British group best known for their UK Top 10 hit “I Won’t Let You Down” in April 1982, which had been a hit the previous year throughout Europe. The band took its name from the initial letters of its three founding members’ surnames: Phillips, Hymas and Diamond.

Who got George Michael money?

Michael left his remaining estate to other family members and seven friends, including bandmate, Shirlie Kemp, and record producer, David Austin.

How old was Jim Diamond when he died?

. Glasgow-born singer-songwriter Jim Diamond, who had hits including I Should Have Known Better, has died aged 64. He first entered the UK singles charts in 1982 with the song I Won’t Let You Down – recorded with his band Ph.D.

What was Jim Diamond’s biggest UK hit?

Photograph: Geoffrey Swaine/Rex Shutterstock The Scottish singersongwriter Jim Diamond, who has died unexpectedly aged 64, guaranteed himself a niche in the annals of pop music with a trio of top five hits during the 1980s. The biggest of these was I Should Have Known Better, which topped the UK charts in 1984.

Who is Jim Diamond’s wife?

He is survived by his wife, Chris (nee Bailey), their daughter, Sara, and son, Lawrence. Ewen MacAskill writes: Jim Diamond had an almost infinite capacity for laughter.

What did Jim Diamond do for charity?

Recently he had worked on behalf of the Cash For Kids appeal in Scotland in cooperation with the Scottish billionaire philanthropist Sir Tom Hunter. In 1993 he released the album Jim Diamond, which reached No 16 on the UK charts, and went on tour performing acoustic versions of his catalogue of songs.

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