Is Innova spacious?

Is Innova spacious?

Spacious and comfortable The Toyota Innova Crysta is a really large car that offers seating capacity of up to seven passengers. Even the third row is very spacious and can easily accommodate two adults. Of course, you can have a lot of luggage space by folding down the rear seats.

How much space does Innova car have?

Toyota Innova is a MPV and comes with a seating capacity of 7 or 8. The Innova comes with a boot space of 300 litre, but you can avail more boot space as second and third row seats are foldable.

What is the size of Innova in feet?

Innova Crysta Dimensions

Dimensions in mm in inches
Length 4735 186.42
Width 1830 72.05
Height 1795 70.67
Wheelbase 2750 108.27

How much space does Innova Crysta have?

Dimensions Specifications of Toyota Innova Crysta

Doors : 5
Seating Capacity : 8
Fuel Capacity : 55 Liters
Boot Space : 300 Liters
Wheelbase : 2750 mm

Is Innova good for hills?

Even in the mountains, the Toyota Innova is preferred because of its extremely good ride quality even on the rough roads. The Toyota Innova is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, which can be tricky to drive, especially on the slippery surfaces.

Why Innova is so comfortable?

Innova’s ladder-on-frame built makes it very rugged and comfortable on the road roads. The shock absorbers are set-up to absorb most of the rough terrains. This is one of the reasons why the Innova is so popular among the cab-hailers. It comes with the pitch and bounce-control that makes it even more comfortable.

What is the Ground clearance of Innova?

Depending upon the variant and fuel type the Innova Crysta 2016-2020 has a mileage of 10.75 to 13.68 kmpl & Ground clearance of Innova Crysta 2016-2020 is 178mm.

Is Innova a 9 seater?

Toyota Innova Crysta is a 7 seater MUV available in a price range of Rs. 17.30 – 25.32 Lakh*.

How wide is an Innova?

Second generation (AN140; 2015)

Second generation (AN140)
Wheelbase 2,750 mm (108.3 in)
Length 4,735 mm (186.4 in)
Width 1,830 mm (72.0 in)
Height 1,795 mm (70.7 in)

Which car has more boot space?

Maruti Ciaz The Ciaz boasts the biggest boot space in its segment, and is also the leader in this list.

Is Innova good for long drive?

It is absolutely good to do 300plus kms everyday. However it will only be good if you have to face relatively less traffic and drives are long enough. Daily city driving with tight roads & congestion with frequent short hauls may drop your mileges very low.

Can Innova do off roading?

Since it comes with a pretty high ground clearance, it doesn’t suffer from much difficulties in passing the roads. The old Innova has a lower ground clearance, which makes it had to face many troubles in overcoming the roads. Next, both the cars have pass the flowing rivulets.

What is the boot space of the Mahindra Innova?

You get a boot space of about 300 litres and when the 3rd row is down it offers a space of about 738 litres. Bike? Share your experiences with? It is amazing car.Owning innova crysta is a life time memorable feeling because of engine, Comfort and safety.

What are the safety features in Toyota Innova?

Toyota brand plus the new Innova is not only powerful and comfortable, but It’s also safe too. It protects you and your family with 7 srs airbags during any eventuality.

What are the features of Toyota Innova Crysta?

Anti-lock.Seating capacity: 7 seater suspension front or rear: double wish.Transmission: 5-speed manual brakes front or rear: disc / leading-tr.But now the new Innova Crysta limited edition is in the Indian market with updated tech features and looks. To make the Innova festive ready, Toyota has added a range of new features inside the MPV.

What are the features of Innova Innova crystalimited edition?

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