Is indium a solid at room temperature?

Is indium a solid at room temperature?

Indium is a chemical element with symbol In and atomic number 49. Classified as a post-transition metal, Indium is a solid at room temperature.

What is the specific heat of indium?

0.23 J/g K.
Specific heat of Indium is 0.23 J/g K. Latent Heat of Fusion of Indium is 3.263 kJ/mol.

Is indium a solid liquid or gas at room temperature?

Phase at STP solid
Melting point 429.7485 K ​(156.5985 °C, ​313.8773 °F)
Boiling point 2345 K ​(2072 °C, ​3762 °F)
Density (near r.t. ) 7.31 g/cm3

What phase is indium at room temperature?

Fact box

Group 13 Melting point
Period 5 Boiling point
Block p Density (g cm−3)
Atomic number 49 Relative atomic mass
State at 20°C Solid Key isotopes

What is the melting temperature of indium?

313.9°F (156.6°C)
Indium/Melting point

Is indium a rare earth metal?

Due to the high demand, most of the indium has been processed into indium tin oxide since 1992. Indium is a rare element, its share in the continental crust is only 0,05 ppm. The largest deposits of indium are in zinc ores, especially sphalerite.

What is the density of indium?

1 Physical and Chemical Properties Indium (In): atomic weight, 114.8; atomic number, 49; density, 7.31; melting point, 156.6°C; boiling point, 2080°C; in elemental form, it is a soft silver-white metal, tetragonal; oxidation states, +1, +2, and +3.

What is indium’s melting point?

What is the melting point of indium?

Does indium oxidize?

Based on the concentrations of oxygen, moisture, and hydrogen in the glove box, indium oxidizes in the temperature range from 25 to 160 °C. Above 160 °C, however, indium oxide becomes unstable.

What is the rarest ore on earth?

Painite : Not just the rarest gemstone, but also the rarest mineral on earth, Painite holds the Guinness World Record for it. After its discovery in the year 1951, there existed only 2 specimens of Painite for the next many decades. By the year 2004, there were less than 2 dozens known gemstones.

Are we running out of indium?

The Earth’s crust contains roughly three times as much indium as silver, although silver can be mined far more efficiently. In 2007 the US Geological Survey estimated that we will run out of indium for extraction in less than two decades, although the indium industry tends to dispute such figures.

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