Is i7 4790k still good 2020?

Is i7 4790k still good 2020?

Oussebon said: Then your 4790k is fine. Newer CPUs will give some improvement to performance, even at 1440p. However, if you’re playing the games at high+ settings, that’s going to be a pretty small difference for the most part.

Will a 4790k bottleneck a 5700xt?

Technically, yes, because the architecture of the CPU is old. The performance loss will be around 10–20 percent based on what you do. So while in some games where it’s CPU heavy it will bottleneck, in others where it’s GPU heavy it will not.

Will an i7 4790k bottleneck a RTX 2070?

Yes it’s definitely a bottleneck, if you play at 1080p. At 2k max settings, it should be not much. At 4k max settings, it should be so less, it can be considered negligible. This is for modern generation games.

Will a 4790k bottleneck a 3060 TI?

4790k doesn’t bottleneck RTX 3060 Ti, it’s the other way around. 4790k is a bottleneck for RTX 3060 Ti. When 4790k came out in 2014, the top performing GPU of that era was around 5 TFLOPS, that was GTX 780 Ti.

Will a 4790k bottleneck 1080?

As long as it’s overclocked you’ll be fine.

What generation is the i7 4790K?

fourth-generation Core
The Core i7-4790K is still based on Intel’s fourth-generation Core architecture, codenamed Haswell. It’s still built on the same 22nm process, and it has the same HD Graphics 4600 onboard GPU at the same clock speeds.

Is i7 4790 outdated?

The i7-4790 is an older processor, but it is still a quad-core processor pushing out 3.6ghz so plenty for most gaming. The GTX 1070 is a higher middle tier GPU which is from the previous generation of GPUs, so definitely not obsolete just yet.

What should I upgrade from i7 4790k?

If you have an i7 4790k it is a great processor and does not need replacing and you can pair it with a gtx 1660 ti for great 1080p gaming. But If you are going to buy a new processor then go for the i7 8700k or if you are getting a new build I recommend the ryzen 5 3600.

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