Is Godan Express running?

Is Godan Express running?

There are 22 coaches in this IRCTC train and it runs on Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun. The total distance covered by Godan Express is 1725 Km….11056Running Status.

Station Bhusaval Jn 1302 km
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled 07:35 07:35
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled 07:40 07:40
Delay On Time
PF/Halt – 5min

What is Train No of Godan Express?

GODAN EXPRESS – 11055, LOKMANYATILAK T (LTT) To GORAKHPUR JN (GKP) – Route, Timing, Running Status & Fare.

Where is Godan Express 11055?

Gorakhpur Junction
About Train 11055 GODAN EXPRESS Train 11055 GODAN EXPRESS runs from Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus(LTT) to Gorakhpur Junction(GKP) on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. Train departs from Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus(LTT) at 10:55 and reaches Gorakhpur Junction(GKP) at 20:35.

What is the time of Godan Express?

The train 11056 is named as GODAN EXPRESS. It leaves Gorakhpur at 06:25 on day 1 and reaches Mumbai at 15:55 on day 2.It takes 33 hrs 30 mins to reach from its source to the destination….Godan Express -11056 ( Gorakhpur Junction to Lokmanyatilak T )

Station name (code) Khorason Road (KRND)
Arrives 11:08
Departs 11:10
Stop time 2 min
Distance travelled 217 km

Where is godan now?

Godan Express 11056 train running status

Station Scheduled Time
Nasik Road (NK) 1559 km (day 2) 21 intermediate stations 11:02 11:05
Kalyan Jn (KYN) 1691 km (day 2) 9 intermediate stations 14:07 14:10
Thane (TNA) 1709 km (day 2) 8 intermediate stations 14:27 14:30
Lokmanya Tilak Term (LTT) 1726 km (day 2) 15:20 Ends

Where is godan running status?

11056 Godan Express Live Train Running Status

Station Arrival Train Status
PRAYAGRAJ JN (PRYJ) 16:15 Ontime
SATNA (STA) 20:30 Ontime
JABALPUR (JBP) 22:50 Ontime
ITARSI JN (ET) 02:35 Ontime

Where is my train Godan Express?

11056 – Godan Express Live Train Running Status

Station Speed Sch/Act Arrival Train Arrival Status PF
Phulpur 03:12PM / 03:12PM No Delay
Prayagraj Junction 04:15PM / 04:15PM No Delay
Satna 08:30PM / 08:30PM No Delay
Jabalpur 10:50PM / 10:50PM No Delay

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