Is EV Rieu Iliad translation good?

Is EV Rieu Iliad translation good?

The translation by E.V. Rieu was so wonderful, it was easy to read but didn’t feel to modern or jarring. I thought it really brought the story to life in a compelling way. I am not a fan of war books, I never have been and probably never will be.

Who is the Iliad translated by?

Translators and scholars have translated the main works attributed to Homer, the Iliad and Odyssey, from the Homeric Greek into English since the 16th and 17th centuries….16th and 17th centuries (1581–1700)

Translator Grantham, Thomas
c. 1610–1664
Publication 1659
London, T. Lock

How many translations of the Iliad are there?

Over 200 translations of the Iliad have been published at one time or another.

Is Samuel Butler Iliad translation good?

Cathy Graham’s Reviews > The Iliad Translated by Samuel Butler. I haven’t read any other translations and can’t read Greek, but that aside, feel this is a good translation in as much as there were no clumsy passages or wrong notes. It is in prose, not poetry but the language was beautiful.

Is Martin Hammond Iliad good?

This new prose translation of the Iliad is outstandingly good. H. wisely and unfashionably does not claim to reconcile those ancient enemies – literal fidelity to the original and good idiomatic English. His is a sensitive, scholarly version in authentic English accents; to read it is to be gripped by it.

What is the newest translation of the Iliad?

Carved close to the original Greek, acclaimed classicist Caroline Alexander’s new translation is swift and lean, with the driving cadence of its source—a translation epic in scale and yet devastating in its precision and power.

Who translated Iliad and Odyssey?

Alexander Pope
Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, translated by Alexander Pope – Oxford Reference.

What is the best translation of the Iliad Reddit?

The first and most frequently recommended translation is Lattimore (1951).

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