Is ep2 a lithium grease?

Is ep2 a lithium grease?

Valvoline Multipurpose Lithium EP Grease. Valvoline Multipurpose Lithium EP 2 is a high-quality, high-performance, heavy-duty lithium thickened grease formulated with extreme additives and mineral base oil.

What is the difference between EP 1 and EP 2 grease?

Mobilux EP 0 and 1 are suitable for centralised systems. Mobilux EP 2 are general-purpose greases. The recommended operating temperature range is from -20ºC to 130ºC, but they may be used at higher temperatures if the lubrication frequency is increased accordingly.

What is the difference between lithium and lithium complex grease?

Lithium complex greases possess many of the properties of simple lithium soap greases and also have higher dropping points, allowing the greases to be used at higher temperatures. Simple lithium greases have good resistance to breakdown due to shear, and lithium complex greases also exhibit good resistance to shear.

Is lithium grease high temperature grease?

Calcium Sulfonate. Lithium-complex greases generally possess good stability, high-temperature characteristics and water-resistance properties. Other performance requirements like extreme pressure, anti-wear, rust and corrosion can further be improved by adding suitable additives.

What is Lithium EP2 grease used for?

AUTOMOTIVE LUBRICANTS A premium quality multi-purpose grease for use in all anti-friction and plain bearings subjected to high load conditions. Used extensively for applications throughout industry and the automotive sector where centralised lubricating systems are used to pump over long distances.

What does EP2 stand for?


Acronym Definition
EP2 Extracellular Protein 2
EP2 Ectopic Pregnancy 2

What is No 2 lithium grease?

Offering excellent lubricity, shear stability, and thermal resistance, lithium soaps are the most commonly used thickeners. Grade 2 is a fairly standard grease, for use in normal bearing applications. It has a consistency similar to peanut butter.

What does NLGI 2 grease mean?

A grease with an NLGI grade of 1 has a consistency like tomato paste, where a grease with an NLGI grade of 3 has a consistency more like butter. The most commonly used greases, such as those used in automotive bearings, would use a lubricant that is NLGI grade 2, which has the stiffness of peanut butter.

Is lithium grease better than wd40?

The main difference between the two is appearance. WD-40 White Lithium Grease sprays onto your surface white and does not run, which makes it more controlled and less messy than regular lithium grease.

Can you mix lithium and lithium complex grease?

Lithium and polyurea greases cannot be mixed. “They can cause each one to lose their oil and dry out,” said Hamilton. The product loses the ability to lubricate.

What is Hi Temp grease?

WD-40 Specialist® High-Temp Grease is a lithium-based grease built to perform in high temperatures and high-friction mechanical loads. It was engineered to meet the demands of protecting high-speed bearings in applications involving high temperatures and heavy mechanical loads.

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