Is emotiva a good brand?

Is emotiva a good brand?

Emotiva is one of those American companies best known for its outstanding price to performance ratio designs. Take their BasX TA-100 stereo integrated amplifier.

Is emotiva high end?

Such was the case with Emotiva, a Web-based direct-sale audio company out of Nashville, TN that has carved a niche for itself delivering what’s best described as “affordable high-end.” Both Emotiva and its sister brand Sherbourn are steady advertisers—you may even see one of their banner ads to the right of this …

Is Emotiva Made in USA?

All Emotiva products are designed at our facilities in Tennessee. Our flagship products like the XMC-1, XPA Gen 3 amplifiers, and EGO DACs are assembled in our state-of-the art production center on-site, while other products are made by our most efficient manufacturing partners, in China and around the world.

Are Emotiva speakers any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent speakers. These are good at high and low volumes. I (and they) recommend a sub woofer. I had them for a few months now and they continue to amaze me.

Is Emotiva still in business?

Due to consistent supply delays, lack of communication and a recent announcement that Emotiva will be selling direct to the world market via their own website and other online medias, made it a very simple but difficult decision for us to terminate any distribution with Emotiva.

How long does it take Emotiva to ship?

How quickly are orders shipped? Depending on the day of the week, and the type of product, we ship within 1-4 business days from when we receive your order. Orders that take place over the weekend, starting from 12 PM CST on Friday until Sunday, will not be processed until the following Monday.

Where are emotiva speakers made?

Are Emotiva Speakers good?

Where are Tekton speakers made?

Orem, Utah
Designed and hand-crafted in Orem, Utah, the Tekton is a fairly large speaker measuring 24.5 x 10.1 x 13 inches.

Are Tekton Speakers good?

Double Impact “Make no mistake, the Tekton Design DIs are among the best loudspeakers I have heard in my home, regardless of price. To say that I have become enamored of them would be only half the truth. In my opinion he could have easily priced the DIs ten times higher.”

Who makes Tekton?

Michigan Industrial Tools
Tekton started off by selling some of the better tools that their parent company, Michigan Industrial Tools, had been importing for resale. The brand has been going through a sort of transformation process these past few years, and has really been trying to improve many of their tools.

Is emotiva’s build quality really that good?

Actually, it’s just the opposite: the lower cost of sophisticated manufacturing in Asia is what, for now, makes it possible for Emotiva to deliver what I can only describe as truly remarkable build quality at prices that seem unattainable by typical market standards.

Is emotiva made by Sherbourn?

Emotiva and Sherbourn are actually affiliated companies of Jade Design, an original equipment design (OED) firm that creates all the product designs and holds all the intellectual property for the two brands. Neither Jade, Emotiva, nor Sherbourn have any direct in-house manufacturing at this writing.

Who is the CEO of emotiva?

Jade Designs/Emotiva CEO Dan Laufman. The whole kit and caboodle is run by 58 year-old president/CEO Dan Laufman, whose long and unusual history in consumer electronics manufacturing sets him apart from most audio entrepreneurs who think they can build a better mousetrap, then set out to do so in their garage or basement workshop.

What can we learn from the emotiva UMC-1?

Preamp-processors are notoriously challenging projects for small companies, and the UMC-1 proved something of a learning experience; if nothing else, it taught Emotiva to really take its time and be doubly sure before releasing any sophisticated new product to market.

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