Is DWE74911 compatible with DWE7485?

Is DWE74911 compatible with DWE7485?

Answer: The DWE74911 stand is compatible with the DWE7485 table saw.

Is dw7440rs compatible with DWE7485?

No, this is not compatible with our miter saws.

What is the height of the Dewalt table saw?

The DWE7491RS measures approximately 48″ in height, 28″ in width, and 22″ in depth when folded with the stand attached.

Will Dewalt table saw fit on miter saw stand?

Answer: Yes you can! But the stand is low to the ground for a table saw. I would suggest a DEWALT miter saw stand.

Can you buy Dewalt 7491 without stand?

The saw itself may be purchased without a stand but the part number would be different since the DWE7491RS is a specific product offering and includes a stand.

How high should a table saw stand be?

  1. A table saw stand should be level with the space between your first and second thumb joints when you hold your hand on the sides of your body.
  2. The ideal height for an outfeed table should be 34 inches.
  3. The ideal depth for your workbench should measure relatively as your arms reach.

How thick can Dewalt table saw cut?

Depth and More As mentioned above, the DeWalt DW745 10-inch saw cuts a maximum depth of 3-1/8” with the blade at 90°. Bevelling the blade to 45° still provides a cutting depth of 2-1/4”, which allows you to cut any typical 2x lumber.

Are miter saw stands interchangeable?

Yes, you can mount just about any Miter Saw on this stand. For real convenience you can purchase additional mounting brackets and use the stand for just about anything you can imagine.

Can I use a dado blade on DWE7491RS?

The DEWALT DWE7402DI Dado Throatplate for 10″ Portable Table Saw allows for use of stacked dado cutters. This insert is designed to be used with DWE7490 and DWE7491 Table saw versions .

How accurate is the Dewalt DWE7491RS?

The DWE7491RS is also extremely accurate and very well built. I only have two minor concerns with this saw but they are so small that this saw still gets a 5 star rating. DEWALT could step up the game on the dust collection if they offer users an effective way of using the dust port on the blade guard.

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