Is Drupal any good?

Is Drupal any good?

Drupal is a highly flexible platform for digital innovation, speed of implementation, and scalability. Its supporting open-source community is like none other, and it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of – you can in fact do good in the world by contributing back to open source software while you build with Drupal.

What are disadvantages of Drupal?

Disadvantages of Drupal

  • The difficulty with familiarization.
  • Advanced interface.
  • High system requirements.
  • The lack of high-quality designs in free access.
  • Difficulty in the installation of updates and program modules.

Is Drupal 8 stable?

Drupal 8 Core Drupal 8’s first official stable release v8. 0 was almost two years ago. With many fixes, features and improvements made since then, beta version 8.4 has already been made ready for testing. Truthfully Drupal 8 already had a great head start to becoming a stable platform.

What are the pros and cons of Drupal?

Pros of Drupal

  • Huge User Community. Drupal is an open-source CMS that boasts a significant community.
  • Prioritizes Accessibility. Accessibility is a crucial component of today’s digital experiences.
  • Robust Platform.
  • Security Concerns.
  • Not Good for Non-Technical Users.
  • Hard To Customize.
  • Lack of Support.
  • Not So Scalable.

Should I learn 2021 Drupal?

You will have to get some experience and hone your skills, but with commitment and patience, the high-wage jobs are yours to strive for. Come for the code, stay for the community. It’s not just a mantra. The Drupal community has groups connected by topic, interests, service to the community and even outside interests.

Why should we use Drupal?

While WordPress is an excellent CMS, Drupal is often the best choice for complex, content heavy, and high traffic websites, as well as those with large resource libraries and databases. Drupal is extremely powerful, flexible, functional, and secure. In general, Drupal is more suited to large and complex sites.

How long will Drupal 8 be supported?

Drupal 8 is reaching its end of life on November 2, 2021. That means post this date there will not be community support, updates of bug fixes.

What is the latest Drupal version?


Screenshot showing Drupal 9 content authoring interface in action
Initial release January 15, 2001
Stable release 9.3.3 / 2022-01-19[±]
Repository Drupal Repository
Written in PHP, using Symfony

Is Drupal better than laravel?

If a robust user and content management system is critical for your project, then Drupal 8 makes the smartest choice. It’s that “thing” that Drupal excels at that, which would take you a whole lot more time to do in Laravel. Moreover, you can easily manage them and custom-tune them via your admin interface…

Which is better Joomla or Drupal?

The main difference between Joomla and Drupal is that Joomla is a bit more beginner-friendly. However, Drupal offers you more options, especially if you have a web development background.

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