Is Dobinsons suspension any good?

Is Dobinsons suspension any good?

Original suspension components give good all round performance. They are often a little softer to make the ride better when not being used offroad and it’s also a good selling point. This makes for a comfortable ride but often doesn’t allow for you to load up everything into the vehicle without it sagging somewhat.

Where is Dobinsons located?

Built In 1991 Dobinsons moved to its current location in Rockhampton, and in 1994 Reg retired leaving Glen and Keith as directors of the ever-growing company.

Are Dobinsons Australian made?

With over 60 years of experience manufacturing in Australia, Dobinsons Springs and Suspension are no strangers to providing the highest quality spring and suspension components, and their range of leaf springs is no exception.

Who makes Dobinsons?

TS16949 International Quality Assurance Systems
Manufacturing Process Dobinsons 4×4 shock absorbers are manufactured using the latest technology and are manufactured to TS16949 International Quality Assurance Systems.

Is pedders suspension any good?

Excellent service and quality product at a great price. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to replace their suspension. I also had the leaf springs in my cab chassis upgraded a few years back by the same company and no issues even today after about 4 years.

Are EFS suspension any good?

They work together to give quality on-road handling characteristics and superior off-road ability. It has designed this high-quality suspension system to combat Australia’s harsh off-road conditions. The EFS range is under constant development & is put through the harshest tests with competition vehicles.

What is IMS suspension?

Dobinsons IMS Nitrogen Gas charged shock absorbers are made from the world’s highest quality external and internal parts sourced worldwide. Dobinsons IMS shock absorbers feature larger bodies, larger bores and increased valving performance to dramatically improve vehicle handling and control and reduces shock fade.

Where are dobinson suspension made?

Dobinsons moved to its current location in Rockhampton in 1991, and in 1994 Reg retired, leaving Glen and Keith in charge of the ever growing company. The mid-’90s saw them design and build an entire coil spring manufacturing line, and Dobinsons began producing world-class coil springs from their Aussie facility.

Who makes dobinson suspension?

Superior Engineering
Dobinsons range of 4X4 suspension from Superior Engineering ensures occupant safety is in good hands, by protecting vehicles with heavy duty genuine Dobinsons suspension kits and springs!

Which is better monotube or twin tube?

Monotubes offer a better response, are easier to install, can be installed from different angles, and don’t foam. Furthermore, the chance of aeration is quite minimal. Compared to twin-tubes, monotubes have superior damping ability and offer a better ride quality.

Is Pedders suspension Australian made?

Australian automotive suspension company Pedders has translated Australia’s unique conditions into competitive advantage, taking its products and expertise to the world – including the automotive industry’s heartland – the USA.

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