Is Degoo a Chinese app?

Is Degoo a Chinese app?

Degoo was founded in Sweden in 2012 and is built with Swedish engineering and entrepreneurship with a global team.

Can I trust Degoo?

Degoo is a complete scam, your files are not safe. They have sent emails to many people that they have scanned files and find some content infringing copyright. A few files were listed. They threatened to terminate my account if the were files not removed (these files did not even exist on my computer).

How safe is Degoo?

In regards to the security of your files, Degoo uses SSL/TLS to transfer files from your device to their server where they’re encrypted using 256-bit AES. PBKDF2 is applied to all passwords before storing them and further protected by HMAC512.

Who owns Degoo cloud?

Carl Hasselskog
First, there is a lot of price pressure, as the price of consumer cloud storage falls,” says Carl Hasselskog, CEO and Co-founder at Degoo. “Second, there’s pressure to innovate, to come up with new features fast. In short, you’re expected to do more with less at an exponential rate.

Why is Degoo so slow?

Common causes include: locked files – files you’re trying to upload have been opened in other programs. permission issues – your user account does not have permission to read files or folders.

Is Degoo real?

Degoo is a cloud-based backup solution with an emphasis on photos. A consumer-focused product that strips out features that only businesses use, Degoo aims to replace your use of Google Photos or Apple Photos as the backup solution on your Android or iOS phone. It has over 100 million users worldwide.

Is Degoo 100 GB for lifetime?

Plans and pricing One reason to check out Degoo is its generous 100GB free plan. With the free plan, however, you need to keep using the service periodically, as accounts are deleted after 90 days of inactivity. The free plan is also ad-supported, and you can only use it to upload files from three devices.

Is Degoo a lifetime?

Mashable with Mashable Deals. Degoo gives users lifetime access to up to 10TB of cloud backup space for a one-time price, which has been discounted by more than 90 percent today.

Is Degoo just for photos?

Is Degoo really free?

Degoo Cloud pricing There is a free, ad-supported tier available on Degoo, which you can use if you just want to try the service out or you don’t have that many photos to store in the cloud anyway. You get 100GB of storage space, and you can only back up one device.

Is Degoo 100GB safe?

This makes it a highly inconsistent platform to use, which means that even with 100GB of absolutely free cloud storage being an attractive advertisement, Degoo can hardly be considered reliable.

Does Degoo compress photos?

The Pro plan costs $3 a month, and you get an upgrade to 500GB of storage space, files are never deleted, and ads are removed. You also get Degoo’s photo storage maximizer, which lets you upload high-quality versions of your photos to the cloud while keeping compressed versions on your device.

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