Is Charter Arms a good brand?

Is Charter Arms a good brand?

Charter Arms was once an upstart that rocked the industry, now they are an established old-line maker. They offer good-quality revolvers at a fair price. 357 Magnum, the bread-and-butter revolver they made their reputation on is the Charter Arms Undercover, a five-shot swing-out cylinder double-action revolver.

Is Charter arms undercover p?

Yes they can handle +P but we do not recommend it for the following reasons: +P ammo requires a four-inch minimum barrel to burn the extra powder. Therefore, in a two-inch barrel the extra powder is burned after the bullet leaves the barrel creating more recoil and making it harder to come back to target.

Is Charter Arms still around?

Charter Arms Co. is an American manufacturer of revolvers. During its history from 1964 to the present day, Charter Arms has produced revolvers chambered in the following calibers: . 22 Long Rifle..Charter Arms.

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Do J frame grips fit on Charter Arms?

Answer: No unfortunately they will not and we currently aren’t making anything for Charter Arms. Failed to get answers.

What kind of revolvers does Charter Arms make?

Other revolvers from Charter Arms: Pathfinder, Undercover, Undercover Lite, Chic Lady, Southpaw, Undercoverette, Bulldog, Pitbull, Mag Pug, On Duty, Off Duty Style * * * * Special revolver? Classic snubbie, but stainless, not blued.

How accurate is the Charter Arms undercover revolver?

Combined with the double-action revolver’s extra grooves, the Charter Arms Undercover delivers astounding accuracy at higher velocities. True dat. The Undercover is a compact weapon of body mass destruction. BUT —

What do people say about Charter Arms?

Congratulations to all at Charter Arms! Great pistols made in the USA and nicely priced too.” “Love my .44, the wife is thrilled with her Lavender Lady. Great products, and a super company to deal with.

Is the charter undercover stainless Bulldog a good pistol?

I have an early 1980’s stainless Undercover and it is a good defensive pistol. It is still used on occasion. I purchased a Charter Stainless Bulldog in 2007 and it is an improvement over the 1980’s Charter Pistols.

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