Is Brian puspos the choreographer of BTS?

Is Brian puspos the choreographer of BTS?

Puspos, who is also a recording artist, is known for his choreography of BTS songs like Butterfly, Serendipity, and My Time. The analysis was an interesting and eye-opening experience for them as they dissected some of Jimin’s best performances.

What dance style is Brian puspos?

R&B soul
He was a member of SoReal Cru, who were declared runners up in Season 2 of the America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) championship in 2008….

Brian Puspos
Birth name Brian Puspos
Born Houston, Texas, United States
Genres R&B soul
Occupation(s) Dancer choreographer singer songwriter

How old is Brian puspos?

35 years (May 2, 1986)
Brian Puspos/Age

Who choreographed BTS serendipity?

Brian Puspos
The music video was directed by Choi Yongseok and Lee Wonju of Lumpens, with the choreography for the song created by Brian Puspos, who had worked with BTS before on “Butterfly”.

Who choreographed fire BTS?

Keone Madrid
Music video On May 9, BTS released the dance version of the “Fire” video ahead of their promotion on music programs. The dance was choreographed by Keone Madrid and Vinh Nguyen.

Who teaches BTS choreography?

Choreographer and dancer Nick Joseph has opened up about working with BTS.

Who is Melvin Timtim?

Melvin Timtim, choreographer and director of hip hop dance crew S-Rank, is nominated for this year’s Outstanding Choreography Emmy for his work on World of Dance. Timtim has also worked with K-pop groups NCT 127 and JYP, is an internationally renowned instructor and is a 2017 Hip Hop International World Champion.

Where is Lyle Beniga from?

Teacher Bio Lyle Beniga is a choreographer/ dancer residing in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in Washington D.C where he trained in all forms of dance, but his expertise lies in freestyle Hip-Hop.

Is Jimin a fan of Brian Puspos?

In a 2015 conversation among the BTS members, Jungkook revealed that there was a choreographer that Jimin liked, and his name was Brian Puspos. ‘ He revealed in an interview with ‘Arata’ that the one who was in charge of Jimin’s choreography was the most skilled person in the group.

Who choreographed BTS butter?

Nick Joseph is the choreographer behind BTS’s new dance video, a special performance of the “Butter” Megan Thee Stallion remix starring 3J (J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook). In less than an hour, the video racked up over 1 million views, and fans have nothing but praise for 3J’s powerful and detailed dance.

Who choreographed butter?

This came shortly after the group released a new performance video for their remix of ‘Butter’ featuring Megan Thee Stallion. The three boyband members, fondly dubbed ‘3J’ by fans, had performed a routine choreographed by Joseph to Megan’s verse in the video.

Who is Blackpink choreographer?

Meet Kyle. Kyle Hanagami is a Los Angeles-based Choreographer and Creative Director and has become one of the industry’s most sought after talents.

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