Is Bear Arena 34 a good bow?

Is Bear Arena 34 a good bow?

Arena 34 at 34 inches axle to axle with a 6.5 inch brace height the Arena 34 is packed with features and accuracy. The Arena 34 is extremely stable and sends arrows downrange at a speed of 340 feet per second….Specs at a glance.

Brace Height: 6.5 inches

Are bear compound bows any good?

Bear makes one of the best bows for beginner bowhunters, the Bear Cruzer G2 RTH. The Cruzer G2 will comfortably fit nearly any archer and with the RTH package it comes with all the bow accessories you need for under $500. Just add a release aid and arrows to your cart to start shooting right away.

How much does a bear compound bow cost?

Bear bows for sale

Model Prices, USD User reviews
Home Wrecker $350.00 – $350.00
Instinct $149.99 – $179.99
Kuma $525.00 – $699.99
Kuma 30 $499.88 – $899.99

Where is Bear Archery bows made?

Gainesville, Florida
Bear Archery is a manufacturer and marketer of bows and archery equipment located in Gainesville, Florida owned by Escalade Sports….Bear Archery.

Industry Sports equipment Hunting equipment
Products Compound bow Recurve bow Longbow

What is the best bow brand?

Best Bow for the Money – Diamond Infinite Edge Pro.

  • Our Fastest Pick – Diamond Archery Deploy.
  • Predator Archery Raptor.
  • Best for New Hunters – Bear Archery Cruzer G2.
  • Best Midrange Compound – Bear Archery Species RTH.
  • Bowtech Prodigy.
  • PSE Brute Force.
  • Best Value Compound Bow – Leader Accessories.
  • What does PW mean on a bow?

    Draw weight is the amount of force needed to pull a bow. Draw weight is measured in pounds.

    What are the top 5 compound bow brands?

    Top 5 Archery Brands

    • Bear Archery.
    • Martin Archery.
    • Hoyt Archery.
    • PSE Archery.
    • Mathews Archery.

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