Is balgownie a good place to live?

Is balgownie a good place to live?

“Peaceful Retreat” I find Balgownie a very nice place to live, And think it is one of the safer places to live in Wollongong. Balgownie village covers all your basic needs well and the restaurants are very good.

What is balgownie known for?

Balgownie is mostly residential with a small commercial centre known as the Balgownie Village. Balgownie has a similar history to many towns on the NSW south coast. When first settled in the 19th century, Balgownie was the centre of local logging, coal mining and farming industries.

What region is Wollongong in?

Illawarra region
The Illawarra region is a narrow coastal strip from the south/south western outskirts of Sydney down to the northern boundary with the Shoalhaven and south coast of NSW. The Illawarra region includes the three local government areas of Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama.

Is it safe to live in Wollongong?

Wollongong is not safe because of the drug/crimminal culture here. 85% people here are unemployed/crimminal, 15% are workers/families/students/greedy landlords.

What Aboriginal land is balgownie on?

Illawarra Land
Balgownie is located to the north west of central Wollongong, in the foothills of the Illawarra escarpment. Local communities of Aboriginal people were the original inhabitants and Traditional Custodians of Illawarra Land.

What is the postcode for balgownie?

Balgownie/Postal codes

What do you call someone from Wollongong?

Wollongong “Gongsters” Toronto “Torontonians” (Canada) – Brian.

Is Wollongong Sydney?

Wollongong is located just south of Sydney and the drive takes around 90min.

What is the cheapest coastal town to live in Australia?

Australia’s most affordable coastal suburbs

  • Marion Bay, SA, -12.8%, $152, 500.
  • Seaspray, VIC, -7%, $164, 000.
  • Bemm River, VIC, 22.4%, $165, 000.
  • Port Welshpool, VIC, -4%, $167, 500.
  • Port Albert, VIC, – 6%, $170, 750.
  • Cape Jervis, SA, 0.7%, $196, 000.
  • Portland, VIC, -0.9%, $210, 000.
  • Venus Bay, VIC, -0.8%, $227,000.

Is Wollongong a dodgy?

Wollongong Itself is not dangerous as far as I’m aware. However the drive from Sydney Sutherland area to Wollongong has some serious downhill highways with variable speeds. It’s quite a spectacular drive and scenic in many spots, and I enjoy the spring and autumn foliage which may distract a driver.

Where is Balgownie in Australia?

/  34.3888111°S 150.8776000°E  / -34.3888111; 150.8776000 Balgownie is a small suburb of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia . Balgownie lies to the north-west of the Wollongong CBD.

What makes the Balgownie hotel so special?

The Balgownie Hotel was built in the Federation Filigree style typical of corner hotels in Australia at the time. “The lacy filigree wrought iron balustrade was a dominant feature which gave the building great visual appeal.” (Illawarra Mercury, 15/6/2000 p. 15).

What was the Balgownie grant?

A grant of 1920 acres, made to John Buckland on 11 July 1835, was named Balgownie in the Grant Records. Governor Bourke granted this land in virtue of a promise of a grant made by Governor Darling dated 11 April 1829.

What is it like to live in basebalgownie?

Balgownie is primarily a residential suburb of Wollongong. It is predominantly urbanised and only the steeper escarpment land is not developed. The natural environment is dominated by the location of Cabbage Tree Creek which runs through the centre of the suburb.

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