Is Aldor or Scryer better for ret paladin?

Is Aldor or Scryer better for ret paladin?

This all comes down to what your class’s stat weight are for Attack Power vs. Crit Strike Rating. Aldor’s Greater Inscription of Vengeance has the higher Attack Power, making it a better choice for Retribution Paladins, Hunters, Rogues, Enhancement Shaman, and Arms/Fury Warriors.

Which covenant is best for Tank Paladin?

While all of the Covenants have their place some simply perform better on a day-to-day basis than others. Kyrian and Venthyr are the two that stand out the most for Protection Paladin due to their powerful Class Abilities and Soulbinds. Venthyr — Strong single-target DPS, group healing, and the ability to teleport!

Are Paladin tanks good TBC?

Best AoE Threat Generation Protection Paladins are the best tank for encounters that have numerous mobs due to the massive AoE threat generated by Consecration which is unrivaled by any other tanking class.

Should a mage pick Aldor or Scryer?

Should you go Aldor or Scryer? A summary of the early state is that Aldor is going to come out on top for most classes, with only Warlocks exclusively using Scryer for PvE. It’s worth noting that both shoulder enchants are very minor DPS/HPS gains between the two. WoWWiki has a good comparison of those.

Should Warlock go Scryer or Aldor?

@Nefarion – Aldor shoulder enchant is better for PvP only if you’re going SL/SL or UA. Felguard, it’s a personal choice which is “better” (depending on whether you like burst or DoTs more), and Destruction, Scryer is by far superior in any way.

Is Venthyr good for prot paladin?

Venthyr Protection Paladin Covenant Abilities. So you’ve chosen to align yourself with the Venthyr of Revendreth. They offer many advantages to a Protection Paladin. As a part of your choice, you’ll get access to cool armor, new progression systems, world content, and two new abilities: Ashen Hallow and Door of Shadows …

Should hunters go Aldor or Scryer?

I found out later that Scryer was more geared toward spell damage/spell hit whereas Aldor is more for attackpower/melee damage. Too bad Im exhalted. I would recommend Aldor for that attack power related stuff but it really doesn’t matter.

Do prot Paladins need hit rating TBC?

However, you will always have 1% chance to miss your spells as such the Spell Hit cap unbuffed is 202 SpHit Rating. Spell Hit is a key factor in what makes Protection Paladins reliable tanks….Secondary Stats for Protection Paladin Tank in Burning Crusade.

Condition Hit Rating Cap
Precision + Inspiring Presence 151

Can you level as prot Paladin in TBC?

Leveling Tips for Protection Paladin Tank in Burning Crusade. Azeroth (1-60) leveling tips: Paladin tanks excel at leveling through dungeon grinding, however, their low damage output makes them very inefficient for leveling by solo questing.

Should I ally Aldor or Scryer?

A big choice in TBC is between the two Shattrath faction Scryers and Aldor. Let’s take a quick look. The most improtant difference are of course the shoulder enchants. Aldor generally prefer a primary stat (e.g. AP, spelldmg), while Scryers prefer a secondary stat (e.g. crit).

What is the difference between the Aldor and the scryer?

The Scryers are located on the ground level. This means that there’s no delay to entering or exiting the faction territory. As a bonus, the Scryers are closer to the flight path in Shattrath as well. The Aldor and Scryer have access to different items that are worth knowing about. They also have faction locked shoulder enchants.

Is scryer or Aldor better for a PROT Paladin?

Considering you want to blacksmith/jc, both nearly completely useless professions to a prot paladin, I don’t think you need to worry about whether scryer or aldor enchant is better, the difference is miniscule. Apart from the shoulder enchants, scryer and aldor don’t have much to offer. Aldor has a decentish chestpiece and that’s about it.

Should I get Aldor or scryer ring for Phase 1?

Scryer provides a super solid preBiS spellpower ring option for phase 1. I personally will be choosing Aldor since I have plenty of spellpower like Ring of the Fallen God and Neltharian’s Tear, but I will still miss having the scryer ring. The sapphiron enchant has more stamina than either I believe

How do you get to the back door in Aldor?

Scryer people can also access this back door, however they have to take an elevator and also have to be very careful to not agro the Aldor guards who are close to the access point. The Scryers are located on the ground level.

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