Is akise in love with Yuki?

Is akise in love with Yuki?

Akise quickly falls in love with Yukiteru, and wishes for him to become the next God. He is also the main character of the spin-off manga Future Diary: Paradox, where he and Muru Muru replace Yuki and Yuno in the survival game after Muru Muru accidentally kills Yuno Gasai while Yukiteru is injured.

What did Aru Akise show Yuki?

He is then decapitated by Yuno while trying to show Yuki his diary’s screen, on which he had written his discovery about Yuno. Even as his head flies into the air, spurting blood, his body somehow manages to walk to Yuki, show him the screen of his diary, and reveal Yuno Gasai’s secret.

Who was the third body in Yuno’s house?

Akise reveals that the Yuno there is a fake as the third corpse found in Yuno’s house is in fact the real Yuno Gasai, positively identified via DNA test with a cumb cord left at the orphanage the real Yuno was adopted from.

Do Yuno and Yuki get married?

In the end we see that the First world Yuno and Second world Yuki gets together and live like gods for the rest of their lives and most likely dies (as in Mirai Nikki’s universe gods can die, I think).

How old is akise?

Aru Akise
Age 14 years old
Height 166 cm
Weight 58 kg
Species Human

Is Mirai Nikki worth watching?

Overall 9 – Mirai Nikki is a great and unique story, the characters are excellent especially Yuno, who is one of the most unique characters ive ever seen in an anime. Mirai Nikki is certainly worth giving a shot….Reviews.

Overall 9
Story 9
Animation 10
Sound 10
Character 10

What did Yuki see in yunos room?

After killing most of the opposing Diary Holders with Yuno, Yuki discovers the corpses of Yuno’s parents, as well as a third corpse, within a quarter of her home and learns through Aru Akise, an artificial human created by Deus to witness the events of the Diary Game, that the third corpse actually belongs to the …

Does Future Diary have a happy ending?

It is kind of a happy ending to the series and was released way later than the original series. Yuno Gasai from the world 3, with the help of murmur of world 1(who is a good character now) obtains the memory of the dead yuno from world 1.

What are the 12 diaries?

Which Diary would you use?

  • The Blog Diary.
  • The Justice Diary.
  • The Exchange Diaries.
  • The Random Diary.
  • The Clairvoyance Diary.
  • The Murder Diary.
  • The Escape Diary.
  • The Breeder Diary.

What happened to yukkiteru and Akise?

In an alternate version of the Future Diary/Mirai Nikki world, Yukkiteru befriends Akise Aru, a rather mysterious kid in Yukkiteru’s new school. Once entangled in a friendship, they both end up learning truths about each other while on an unpredictable adventure with an even more unpredictable outcome.

Is Yuki in love with Yuno?

Yukiteru “Yuki” Amano (天野 雪輝, Amano Yukiteru) is the main male protagonist of the Future Diary series. He is the First Diary Holder and in possession of the “Observance/Indiscriminate Diary”. He is the love interest of Yuno Gasai and Aru Akise .

Is it Akise’s turn for Yuki?

It’s Akise’s turn to have Yuki. Same story but told from a different perspective with the ending I… (Y/n) (L/n) was a seemingly normal student. The emphasis is on seemingly. After moving to Japan, an adventurer of life and death begins for her.

Is Yukiteru in love with Aru?

He is the love interest of Yuno Gasai in the Future Diary series and Aru Akise in Future Diary: Paradox (a side story in a separate timeline). Yukiteru is a boy of middle-school age, with black hair and blue eyes. He is usually seen wearing a beanie, shorts with a holster for his throwing darts, an overcoat, and a black turtleneck with a zipper.

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