Is Aaron Pico married?

Is Aaron Pico married?

Pico and his wife Kylie have a son, Valentino (born 2021).

How old is Aaron Pico?

25 years (September 26, 1996)
Aaron Pico/Age

Who did Benson Henderson lose his title to?

Benson Henderson Record: 24-7-0

W/L Fighter Str
loss Benson Henderson Donald Cerrone 86 57
loss Benson Henderson Rafael Dos Anjos 10 18
win Benson Henderson Rustam Khabilov 26 18
win Benson Henderson Josh Thomson 46 19

Is Kimbo still alive?

Deceased (1974–2016)
Kimbo Slice/Living or Deceased

How tall is Aaron Pico?

5′ 8″
Aaron Pico/Height

What nationality is Aaron Pico?

Aaron Pico/Nationality

What is Aaron Pico record?

Aaron Pico

Result Fighter Event
win Lee Morrison Bellator 199 – Bader vs. King Mo May / 12 / 2018
win Shane Kruchten Bellator 192 – Jackson vs. Sonnen Jan / 20 / 2018
win Justin Linn Bellator 183 – Henderson vs. Freire Sep / 23 / 2017
loss Zach Freeman Bellator 180 – Sonnen vs. Silva Jun / 24 / 2017

Did Benson Henderson retire?

Benson Henderson (born November 16, 1983) is an American mixed martial artist who competes for Bellator MMA, currently competing in their Lightweight division….

Benson Henderson
Years active 2006–present
Mixed martial arts record
Total 40
Wins 29

What nationality is Benson Henderson?

Benson Henderson/Nationality

Why did Kimbo Slice leave UFC?

He would have two fights there: a loss to Roy Nelson and a win via decision against Houston Alexander. After that, Kimbo Slice was given one more chance to prove he could be a top professional level MMA fighter, but his loss to Matt Mitrione in UFC 113 meant the end of Kimbo Slice’s UFC career.

Why did Kimbo Slice stop boxing?

His career in mixed martial arts proved that while he is a tough guy, his striking is not on the level of an elite fighter, let alone a professional boxer. In addition, his inability to conserve energy in his MMA fights was a major source of concern going into a boxing career, where fights can be much longer.

Who has Aaron Pico lost to?

Aaron Pico

Result Fighter Time
loss Adam Borics 3:55
loss Henry Corrales 1:07
win Leandro Higo 3:19
win Lee Morrison 1:10

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