Is a VTX1300 a good bike?

Is a VTX1300 a good bike?

It’s maximum comfort and the suspension is superior over the Yamaha and Kawasaki. The quality of components (engine, transmission, etc.) are very reliable. If I had anything bad to say about the 1300 VTX, they need to put a larger fuel tank on these models to maximize the ride experience even more!

What replaced the Honda VTX?

Kawasaki Vulcan 2000
At the time this bike was introduced the Honda VTX engine was the largest displacement production V-twin in the world, but that distinction would be short-lived as the VTX1800 was superseded in 2004 by the 2.0-liter Kawasaki Vulcan 2000….VTX1300.

2007 VTX1300R Retro model
Manufacturer Honda
Successor VT1300
Class Cruiser

How many miles is a Honda VTX good for?

A Honda VTX1300 can last over 75,000 miles, and there are VTX1800s on the road with well over 60,000 miles. That said, the longevity of a Honda VTX1300 and 1800 varies depending on rider etiquette, maintenance, storage habits, and the climates the VTX was ridden in.

How many miles will a Honda VTX last?

Is 40000 miles on a Harley a lot?

WHAT’S CONSIDERED HIGH MILEAGE ON A USED MOTORCYCLE? For sports bikes, 25,000 miles can be a lot. Harley-Davidson® motorcycles are built to last much longer. If a bike has good maintenance records, no signs of damage and no oil leaks, even a bike with 40,000 to 50,000 miles can be expected to last a long time.

Does Honda still make a VTX?

The Honda VTX series is a line of V-twin Honda cruiser motorcycles inspired by the Zodia concept shown at the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show. The Honda VTX 1800 was launched in 2001 as a 2002 model….Honda VTX Series.

VTX1800T Tourer model
Manufacturer Honda
Production 2001-2008
Assembly Marysville, Ohio,
Predecessor VT1100

Who makes Honda VTX 1300 parts and accessories?

We carry name brand Honda VTX 1300 accessories from names you can trust, like Boss Bags and Willie & Max, companies who make Honda VTX 1300 parts that have the performance and quality you want for your bike. Whatever the vision you have for your ride, there’s a guaranteed-to-fit component that can help you accomplish it.

What kind of engine does a Honda vx1300t have?

2008 HONDA VTX1300TThe Honda VTX 1300 Tourer is a touring style motorcycle with an MSRP of $10,999 and was new for 2008. Power is provided by a 4-Stroke, 1312cc, Liquid cooled, SOHC, V Twin en…

How much does a 2007 Honda VTX1300C cost?

2007 HONDA VTX1300CThe Honda VTX 1300 C is a cruiser style motorcycle with an MSRP of $9,599 and was carryover for 2007. Power is provided by a 4-Stroke, 1312cc, Liquid cooled, SOHC, V Twin en…

What are the specs of a 2004 Honda VTX 1300c?

2004 HONDA VTX 1300C CUSTOM, JUST ARRIVED! 2009 Honda VTX 1300, Engine Type: 52° V-twin Displacement: 1312 cc Bore and Stroke: 89.5 x 104.3 mm Cooling: Liquid-cooled Compression Ratio: 9.2:1 F…

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