Is a Fender Jaguar bass short scale?

Is a Fender Jaguar bass short scale?

Today, Fender’s widely varied bass guitar selection continues to feature several quality short-scale models. These include the modern version of the Fender Mustang Bass, Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS and Squier Bronco Bass.

What is the scale length of a Jaguar bass?


Fender Jaguar Bass
Scale 34″
Body Alder
Neck Maple

What scale length is a Squier Jaguar?

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Scale Length 24″
Nut Width 1.650″
Nut Material Bone
Bridge/Tailpiece 6-saddle Vintage-style with Non-locking Floating Vibrato

How many frets does a Jaguar bass have?

22 frets
It has 22 frets and a 9.5” maple neck that’s comfortable and smooth. Plus, it has no sharp ends striking out the fret. As this is a short-scale bass, it’s not a heavy instrument.

Are Jaguar guitars short scale?

The Jaguar had 22 frets and a significantly shorter 24-inch scale length, which was deliberately closer to the standard Gibson scale length of 24.75-inches rather than the standard 25.5-inch Fender scale length of the 21-fret Telecaster, Stratocaster and Jazzmaster.

Is the Squier Jaguar a short scale bass?

037-8800-506. The all-new Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (short scale) puts classic Fender looks into a distinctively sharp-looking, great-sounding and super-versatile Squier bass model. More than just a student model, this bass is perfect for players who will appreciate the comfort of a short-scale instrument …

Who plays a short scale bass?

Today, a newer generation of musicians are keeping the short-scale legacy alive. Two notable short-scale bass players are Owen Biddle, formerly of The Roots, who plays a CallowHill OBS, and Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck, Drake, NIN, M83), who prefers a Mustang Bass.

Are all Mustang basses short scale?

The Mustang Bass has a short 30″ scale and a single split pickup (similar to the Precision Bass), one volume and one tone control, with strings-through-body routing. Like the early Precision and Jazz basses, the Mustang Bass was fitted with string mutes (although most players removed these).

Why is the Jaguar short scale?

What’s the difference between a short scale and long scale bass?

This difference in tone is due to how the instrument’s scale length affects the harmonics and timbre of the notes. A longer scale length has higher string tension and tends to emphasize the mid to high frequencies. A shorter scale tends to have lower tension and emphasize the lower frequencies.

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