Is 150 a good score in CMAT?

Is 150 a good score in CMAT?

With an expecting score of 140 – 150 will help you to secure 85% Percentile. With your expeceted CMAT Score of 140 – 150, given below is the list of colleges where you have a good probability of getting selected: Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi.

What is a good CMAT score?

Yes, 310 is a good score in CMAT exam. With 300 marks you will be able to get admission in many well known MBA colleges such as NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata and ITM Navi Mumbai.

How is 200+ scored in CMAT?

CMAT result offers admission chances in 1000+ AICTE approved MBA/PGDM colleges….Register now for latest MBA Exam & Admissions Updates.

CMAT 2021 Score Range out of 400 Maximum Marks CMAT Percentile Range after score normalization for both the shifts
201-280 81-89
171-200 71-80
141-170 61-70
116-140 51-60

What is the validity of CMAT score?

one year
Answer: The CMAT exam score is valid for one year. If you appear in CMAT 2022, you will be eligible for admission to the 2022-2024 academic session of MBA/PGDM programmes.

How hard is CMAT?

CMAT is of low difficulty level exam as compared to CAT exam. CMAT has 25% negative marking while CAT has 33% negative marking for wrong answers….Register now for latest MBA Exam & Admissions Updates.

Exam Date November 25, 2018 January 19, 2019 (Tentative)

Which is tough CMAT or Nmat?

But in NMAT, once the candidates have chosen the order of the section, then they have to follow it. Marking for the correct answer is more in CMAT….Highlights on CMAT and NMAT.

Marking for an incorrect answer -1 marks No negative marking
Difficulty Level Moderate to difficult Moderate to difficult

What score is 85 percentile in CMAT?

CMAT Score VS Percentile 2022

CMAT Score Range out of 400 Maximum Marks CMAT Percentile Range after score normalization for both the shifts
345-350 100
281-340 90-99.99
201-280 81-89
171-200 71-80

Is CMAT good for MBA?

NATIONAL MBA EXAM ACCEPTED BY TOP B-SCHOOLS: CMAT is a higher level national MBA entrance test as compared to MAT and ATMA. CMAT offers admission opportunity in higher level MBA/PGDM colleges. There are many MBA colleges in India who do not accept MAT and ATMA scores, but accept CMAT scores.

Is 2 months enough for CMAT?

Those who are preparing for other MBA entrance exams such as CAT, XAT or SNAP, three months is enough to prepare for CMAT 2022. But those who are aiming to appear only in CMAT exam, must begin their preparation at least three months before the exam.

Is CMAT result 2021 out?

NTA provides the facility to challenge the official CMAT answer key to all the test takers before the declaration of CMAT result….

CMAT exam year CMAT exam date CMAT Result date
CMAT 2021 March 31, 2021 April 10, 2021 (Expected)
CMAT 2020 January 28, 2020 February 4, 2020

Is CMAT valid for IIM?

IIM do not accept CMAT score, IIM accept only CAT score.

What score is 90 percentile in CMAT?

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