How to conjugate voir in French?

How to conjugate voir in French?

Voir is conjugated the same way that verbs that end in : -oir. Voir is conjugated with auxiliary avoir. Voir verb is direct transitive, indirect transitive, intransitive. French verb voir can be conjugated in the reflexive form: Se voir. Voir verb is a direct transitive verb, so passive voice can be used.

What is the irregular form of voir?

virent eurent vu (nous) ayons vu avoir vu (vous) ayez vu   Voiris an irregular -ir verb. Je les vois bien. – I see them clearly. Share / Tweet / Pin Me! Voirconjugations quiz  Listening Voirconjugations Voirin action Using voir Expressions with voir Does voirneed the subjunctive? Related lessons Verbs of perception

What is the passive voice of the verb voir?

Voir verb is a direct transitive verb, so passive voice can be used. Voir is a french third group verb. So, this verb is irregular and do not follow a regular conjugation pattern like first or second group verbs.

What is the meaning of voir venir?

Voir venir is informal and figurative, meaning “to see something/someone coming”: Je te vois venir. – I see where you’re going (with this), what you’re leading up to. Mais c’est trop cher! On t’a vu venir! – But that’s too expensive!

What is the French verb for marry?

The French verb for “to marry” is marier. It’s a relatively easy word to memorize, but you still need to conjugate it when you want to say “married” or “will marry.” A short French lesson will break it down and explain the simplest conjugations of marier. French verb conjugations give you more words to memorize.

How do you conjugate Marier in French?

Marier is a regular -ER verb. That means that if you’ve studied similar verbs such as danser (to dance) or entrer (to enter), then you can use the same infinitive endings you learned for marier . The first step in any conjugation is to identify the verb stem. For marier, that is mari-. This is what you will attach the appropriate endings to.

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