How tall is Nicholas Lindstrom?

How tall is Nicholas Lindstrom?

6′ 1″
Nicklas Lidström/Height

How many Norris did Lidstrom win?

Over his 20 NHL seasons, Lidström won four Stanley Cup championships, seven James Norris Memorial Trophies (awarded to the NHL’s top defenceman), one Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoff MVP, and was voted into 12 NHL All-Star Games.

Does Nicklas Lidstrom work for the Red Wings?

Lidstrom joins front office Steve Yzerman is officially bringing in his former teammate Lidstrom as the vice president of hockey operations. He’ll have his hand in everything, the Wings announced this week, and I think that’s marvelous.

How many games did Lidstrom play?


Season GP G
NHL Career 1,564 264

Where does Nick Lidstrom?

Lidstrom, 46, has settled into his new lifestyle since retiring in 2012. He lives with his wife and four sons in his native Sweden. His two oldest, Kevin and Adam, are playing elite-level hockey, but neither feels compelled to mimic his father on the ice.

Does Nicklas Lidstrom have a son?

Kevin Lidström
Lucas LidströmSamuel LidströmAdam Lidström
Nicklas Lidström/Sons

Why did Lidstrom retire?

He plans to move his family to Sweden and hopes to have an off-ice role with the Red Wings. “Retiring today allows me to walk away with pride, rather than have the game walk away from me,” said Lidstrom, whose oldest of four sons went to Sweden two years ago to attend school and play hockey.

Where is Nick Lidstrom?

In a surprise early-afternoon announcement Tuesday, Steve Yzerman announced that the team has hired Red Wings legend Nick Lidstrom as Vice President of Hockey Operations: UPDATE: Steve Yzerman today announced that the team has hired Nicklas Lidstrom as vice president of hockey operations.

Does Nick Lidstrom have a son?

What pick was Datsyuk?

On 24 June 2016, the Red Wings traded Datsyuk’s contract to the Arizona Coyotes along with the 16th overall pick in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft, in exchange for the 20th overall pick, the 53rd overall pick, and Joe Vitale in order for the Red Wings to clear salary cap space.

What does Nicklas Lidstrom do now?

I think that’s what you see with the elite defensemen of today’s hockey.” In retirement, Lidstrom spends his time coaching his kids and working for an asset management company he co-owns and in real estate. This year, he has been working as an adviser to Team Sweden as it prepares for the World Cup of Hockey 2016.

What happened to the Red Wings?

The Wings played their home games at Joe Louis Arena from 1979 until 2017, after playing for 52 years at Olympia Stadium; they moved into the Little Caesars Arena beginning with the 2017–18 season.

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