How old is a Jenny Lind bed?

How old is a Jenny Lind bed?

The 19th century singer Jenny Lind lent her name to a style of bed with spool turnings. This example probably dates to the 1890s.

What makes a Jenny Lind bed?

Ms. Lind was said to prefer the colonial-style spool beds during her hotel stays, and the notion stuck. The spool bed has been referred to as the Jenny Lind bed ever since, as long as it has square solid corners on the headboard (according to Design Sponge).

When did Jenny Lind beds come out?

When Million Dollar Baby was founded in 1989, it all began with one crib – the Jenny Lind.

What are spindle beds called?

Jenny Lind beds
You’ll often see them called Jenny Lind beds and sometimes spool beds but they all have some level of turned wood rails (the repetitive ball shapes).

What era is Jenny Lind furniture?

For people who love antiques you might be familiar with the term “Jenny Lind bed”. These antique beds were popular during the 19th century, but can be costly to make.

Is Jenny Lind furniture named after the singer?

cottage furniture type was also called “Jenny Lind,” in honour of the famous Swedish soprano Jenny Lind, whose American concert tour with the American showman P.T. Barnum during the period of this style’s introduction made her name widely familiar.

How old are spool beds?

Spool furniture usually was made of maple, birch or other native hardwoods. A filled ticking mattress rested on ropes that were laced around pegs on the head and foot rails and both side rails, creating a webbing. Beds of this type were made from the 1820s to the 1880s.

What’s a spool bed?

Definition of spool bed : a wooden bed with spool-shaped turnings in the spindles and usually in the rails and posts of the headboard and footboard.

Where did the name Jenny Lind Crib come from?

But how did it get the name? Jenny Lind was a popular Swedish soprano living in the 19th century. During her triumphal U.S. tour, it was said that Lind slept in a ” spool bed.” Hence, cribs that featured turned spindles (which look like stacked spools of thread) became known as Jenny Lind cribs.

Where did Jenny Lind furniture get its name?

Why is furniture called Jenny Lind?

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