How much is the ticket for fun world in Bangalore?

How much is the ticket for fun world in Bangalore?

Fun World – ₹ 750 per person. Water World – ₹ 900 per person. Fun World + Water World – ₹ 1200 per person. Wow World Bowling Alley (Weekdays) – ₹ 120 per person (11:00 am to 05:00 pm) and ₹ 150 per person (05:00 pm to 08:00 pm)

When did Funworld open?

Our story begins in 1959.

What is the entry fee for GRS Fantasy Park?

Rs 749 per person
The entry fee for GRS Fantasy Park is Rs 749 per person for adults. The ticket cost for GRS Fantasy Park for kids cost around Rs 649 per kid. Whereas, the ticket price for senior citizens in GRS Fantasy Park is Rs 499.

What is the cost of Snow City in Bangalore?

Snow City, Bangalore Information

Location Fun World Complex, J.C Nagar
Duration of Sessions 45 minutes
Entry Fee ₹ 500 per person on weekdays; ₹ 600 per person on weekends (includes entry fee, activities, and winter gear)
9D Cinema Timings 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 12:30 pm, 1:30 pm, 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm, 4:30 pm, 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm

Is Funworld real?

Fun World also known as Easter Unlimited is a company founded in 1963 that produces holiday decorations and costumes. They have warehouses, showrooms and offices in Carle Place New York, Manhattan NYC, Mt. Union Pennsylvania, Seattle Washington, San Diego California, Hong Kong, and Hangzhou, China.

Who owns Fun World?

Haig’s legacy continues today as Fun World is operated by his daughter, Sandra Gulezian-Manougian, and grandson, Peter Manougian. Comments Off on Two industry icons going into NEAAPA Hall Of Fame • Extra!

Is there any dress code for GRS Fantasy Park?

– There is no mandatory dress code to enter the park, but you are advised to wear trousers as they are comfortable. – In the GRS fantasy park in Bangalore, the staff provides you with hygienic boots, jackets, and gloves free of cost. – You should wear comfortable outfits and footwear.

Who is the owner of GRS Fantasy Park?

GRS Fantasy Park is a venture under Baliga Investments Pvt. Ltd., which is an investment company that has other investments in the manufacturing sectors, shares, debentures and Government bonds apart from real-estate development.

What is the best water park in Bengaluru?

Water world is one of Bengaluru’s pioneer water parks which has been set up on international standards and style, the entire facility is an absolute family entertainer.

How many rides are there in Neeladri water park?

With 8 water park rides, and 45 rides in amusement parks, Neeladri park is located 19 km away from the Bangalore city. Spread over 30 acres of land, the park is full of slides, splash pools, and boat rides. Some of the fun rides are Formula 2, Family slide, Zyclone, Guided cars and lots more.

What are the best things to do in Bangalore?

Most of the Bangalore water parks also have restaurants and cafeterias where you can just lounge around, and gorge on their delicious fares. In the water or under artificial rain, you could dance to the beats of DJ spinning their records.

What is there to do at Water World?

Water world is home to some adventures slides like the fantastic four, cyclone, tornado and boomerang to name a few, we all have lazy river to relax in, and also a kiddy pool with miniature of adult slides for the tiny tots to enjoy but the show stopped is the wave pool. Swimming suit will be given complementary and also the locker facility

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