How much is Mikasa volleyball in the Philippines?

How much is Mikasa volleyball in the Philippines?

Top Mikasa Price List 2022

Top 10 products Price Store
Mikasa Original V200W Size 5 Volleyball Ball Competition Training Soft Pu Volleyball Olympic Games B ₱ 588.00 Shopee
Mikasa Volleyball (Ball) High Performance Official Five Approved ₱ 199.00 Shopee
Mikasa Mva 200 Volleyball Game Ball ₱ 265.00 Shopee

How do I know if my Mikasa volleyball is real?

Mikasa makes a replica version of this ball, but it does not have the dimples in the texture of the surface. If the dimples are there, this is the official game ball. The replica version looks and feels like the cheap product it is. It also has sewn seams as opposed to the glued seams.

What is the price of Mikasa?


List Price: $79.99 Details
You Save: $26.30 (33%)

What is Mikasa ball made of?

A structure involving two gourds for the inner bag, cotton reinforcement, and rubber on the outer later is invented and erves as the basis for balls after the war. The company name is changed to Myojo Gomu Industries. Sales resume with the trade name of “Mikasa Balls.” Manufacturing and sales of volleyballs begin.

How much is Mikasa MVA200 in Philippines?

Top Mikasa Volleyballs Philippines Price List 2022

Top 10 products Price
Mikasa Volleyball (Ball) High Performance Official Five Approved ₱ 199.00
Mikasa Latest Design Of Volleyball V330W Competition With Free Pin ₱ 2,600.00
Mikasa Mva 200 Volleyball Game Ball ₱ 350.00
Mikasa Volleyball Synthetic Leather ₱ 1,700.00

What is the best Mikasa volleyball?

1. Mikasa MVA200 – Best Professional Volleyball Ball 2019. If you are looking to get the volleyball ball that they use in both the Olympics and FIVB, look no further than the Mikasa MVA200.

What is the difference between the Mikasa volleyballs?

They weigh the same, you can see the difference in specs on the mikasa website. The only actual difference is the “dimples” of double dimple vs single dimple surfaces. Practically it means the difference is sweat handling and subsequently the contact of the ball.

Is Mikasa a good brand?

Mikasa is proudly recognized as the leader in tabletop fashion in dinnerware, crystal stemware, barware, flatware and decorative accessories for the home. Quality and great design are synonymous with the Mikasa brand. Mikasa offers one of the largest selections of dinnerware in the world.

Where is Mikasa manufactured?

Unlike many of its competitors, the company did not own manufacturing facilities. Instead, Mikasa contracted out designs to approximately 175 factories in 25 countries. Production was concentrated in Germany and Austria, where 30 percent of the company’s merchandise was manufactured.

Is Mikasa brand Japanese?

Based in Tokyo, Japan, the company has assumed a dominant position over the past 80 years in its export business which is helping Mikasa products to take prominent positions in the USA, Europe, Asia and other countries.

Who makes Mikasa volleyballs?

Masuda Rubber Industries, Myojyo Rubber Industrial Co. Mikasa Corporation (株式会社 ミカサ, Kabushiki Kaisha Mikasa) is a Japanese sports equipment and athletic goods company with its international corporate headquarters located in Nishi-ku, Hiroshima, Chūgoku.

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