How much is ETSU nursing program?

How much is ETSU nursing program?


TN Residents eRate (Out of State, 100% online) Out of State
$422 per credit hour $483 per credit hour $1183 per credit hour
*Note, tuition discounts are available for border county students *This amount may not include program-specific fees

How much does it cost to get BSN online?

Also, the rates may vary depending on whether you are enrolled at an in-state or out-of-state school. All in all, the average cost of online RN-to-BSN degree programs is situated in the range of $20,000 to $80,000.

Does Etsu have a BSN program?

Scores are valid for two (2) years. ETSU College of Nursing does NOT require references, a personal statement or professional experience for admission….Program Details.

Course Name/Number Course Hours
NRSE 4620 Leadership and Professional Practice 3
NRSE 4621 Professional Practice Practicum 4
Total 14
Total BSN Hours 72

Is ETSU a good nursing school?

ETSU College of Nursing ranked 90th in the nation among Best Nursing Master’s Programs and 92nd among Best DNP Programs. To read about U.S. News & World report’s methodology, click here. To learn more about ETSU College of Nursing, visit

How long is ETSU nursing program?

The nursing courses take five semesters to complete. If you apply and are accepted at the beginning of your sophomore year (3rd semester in college), then you can complete the degree in four years. It does take some students longer, depending on circumstances.

Does RN to BSN require clinicals?

Because the RN to BSN bridge program is usually available 100% online, the student can live anywhere and attend classes. Clinicals are not required by the state for an RN to BSN program, however some programs may require full-time employment as an RN.

How long is ETSU Nursing program?

How good is ETSU?

ETSU is a clean, safe campus that provides a diverse selection of majors for students to choose from, as well as many extracurricular activities. Frankly, East Tennessee State University is one of the greatest colleges I can think of.

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