How much is a tous le jours cake?

How much is a tous le jours cake?

Tous les jours Bakery Menu Prices

Item Price
Choco Stripe Fresh Cream cake Chocolate cake with Chocolate fresh cream, Crunch Chocolate ball, fresh cream & Cholate deco on top $34.00
1. Cloud Cake Vanilla. $33.00
2. Cloud Cake Vanilla, choco, strawberry or mocha $38.00
3. Cloud Cake Vanilla, choco, strawberry or mocha. $43.00

What can you buy from tous le jours?

Their cream cakes and fruit topped cakes are the most popular. Besides those, they also have square tiramisu cakes, angel cakes, cheesecakes, and small packaged castella.

Is tous les jours fresh?

Hi, We’re TOUS les JOURS a wide range of baked goods made fresh in-store every day. The bakery chain offers more than 300 different kinds of baked goods, including artisan pastries, gourmet cakes and desserts, and handcrafted beverages.

How do you open tous les jours?

Tous les Jours has a franchise fee of up to $30,000, with a total initial investment range of $594,980 to $734,144.

  1. Initial Franchise Fee: $30,000.
  2. Total Investment: $594,980 to $734,144.
  3. Working Capital: $60,000 to $80,000.

How much is tous les jours macarons?

“The macarons (P28 per piece) at Tous Les Jours have a light, airy shell that almost seems to deflate when you take a bite, and while the filling looks thin, it’s not lacking in flavor.

Is tous les jours French?

Tous les Jours means ‘every day’ in French.

How many tous les jours locations are there?

TOUS les JOURS bakery goods are now available in 15 different states at 67 different locations. The brand plans to expand its business in current and new markets and open several more stores this year. There are more than 1,600 stores around the world.

What is a cloud cake tous les jours?

TOUS les JOURS Schaumburg – Cloud Cake is a fresh whipped cream cake with white castella sponge and strawberry inside.

What is a cloud cake TOUS les JOURS?

How much is macarons in Philippines?

Pricelist: French Macarons are P60 per piece, and come in Box of 8 (P480), Box of 16 (P960) Round box of 18 (P1,080), and Round box of 30 (P1,800).

Why do Koreans have French bakeries?

Eventually, younger populations in large cities started seeking out coffee shops and bakeries. “We helped Korean people to comfortably accept French baked goods,” Sou says. “We introduced the croissant to Korea, and made it mainstream.

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