How much does the UNLV football coach make?

How much does the UNLV football coach make?


Year School Total Pay
2021 UNLV $1,500,000
2020 UNLV $1,500,000
2019 Oregon $825,000
2018 Oregon $750,000

What is Roy Williams salary?

Williams was the sixth highest-paid men’s basketball coach last season, raking in over $4 million despite giving up 20 percent of his annual base salary of $625,000 in light of COVID-19 related budget cuts.

How much does Buzz Williams make?

Texas A&M

Year School Total Pay
2020 Texas A&M $3,900,000
2019 Texas A&M $3,843,182
2018 Virginia Tech $3,000,000
2017 Virginia Tech $2,750,000

What is Jimmy Lake salary?


Year School Total Pay
2019 Washington $1,400,016
2018 Washington $1,100,004
2017 Washington $651,504
2016 Washington $501,504

Who is Lon Kruger married to?

Barbara Miles
Lon Kruger/Spouse

Who does Lon Kruger coach for now?

Lon Kruger

Biographical details
2011–2021 Oklahoma
Head coaching record
Overall 674–432 (.609) (college) 69–122 (.348) (NBA)
Accomplishments and honors

How much does Bill Fennelly make?

On March 23, 2007, Iowa State extended Fennelly through 2019 in a contract worth $10.6 million. Attendance also grew during Fennelly’s tenure from the hundreds prior to his hiring to nearly 10,000 in the 2010s.

What is Fred Hoiberg salary?

1.6 million USD (2004)
Fred Hoiberg/Salary

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