How much does portable sawmilling cost?

How much does portable sawmilling cost?

Generally, the less expensive the mill, the lower the production. New portable sawmills range in price from less than $4,000.00 to over $80,000.00 depending on the amount of production you need.

Is a portable sawmill worth it?

A portable sawmill can be worth the investment. It can provide a source of wood for your own projects and give you a side business. For a source of lumber, as well as a profitable business, a portable sawmill can be a key piece of equipment on your farm.

How do you get Sawyer?

Finding and Contacting a Sawmill Service Provider Reach out, either on-line, or to your friends and neighbors, or both. There are industry websites that might also prove useful in your search; Wood-Mizer’s Find a Local Sawyer, and are two such sites.

How much does it cost to mill a chainsaw?

Re: How to charge for chainsaw milling It can be difficult to accurately figure board feet with natural edges, taper, crotches, etc. Around here, the common rate is $65-85 per hour.

How much should I charge for sawmilling?

By the Board Foot Pricing varies by species and location but ranges from $0.25 to $0.50 per board foot of sawn lumber. This pricing method places all of the risk of productivity on the sawyer since the customer is only paying for the lumber they receive.

How long does it take to mill a log?

The time/cost to saw the logs depends mostly on the log’s size and species. As a very rough estimate, a 12″ diameter 8 foot long log will take around 25 minutes; an 18″ diameter 8′ long log will take around 40 minutes to saw; 24″ diameter will be at least 1 hour.

How much does it cost to mill a tree?

The most stable or secure method for pricing for the mill owner is a flat, hourly rate. Rates vary from location to location and range from $65 to $105 per hour plus extra charges for travel, broken blades, etc. Pricing on an hourly basis transfers all of the risk of daily output to the customer.

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