How much does it cost to sign up to eHarmony?

How much does it cost to sign up to eHarmony?

eHarmony Cost (USA)

Subscription Length Monthly Price
Comfort 12 months $19.95 per month
Premium 6 months $29.95 per month
Classic 3 months $23.95 per months
Starter 1 month $59.95 (one payment)

Do you have to pay for eHarmony upfront?

A year-long eHarmony membership costs $45.90 per month for a total of $550.80. You can pay the entire amount upfront or in a series of up to 4 payments. Just like the Premium Light option, your subscription automatically renews for the 1-year plan unless you cancel it.

Can I cancel eHarmony after 1 month?

Members get a 14-day cooling-off time on any subscription purchased. During the eharmony cancellation period, you can get a refund or exchange by contacting the eharmony Customer Service Team.

How much is a 12 month subscription to eHarmony?

eHarmony Premium Membership (Tier Pricing) Plus, the Premium Plus membership often comes with a Welcome Offer at signup, which brings the price down even more. Prices (as of 12/16/21): Premium Light (6 months): $65.90/mo. or $395.40 total. Premium Plus (12 months): $45.90/mo. or $481.95 total.

Can you message on eHarmony for free?

You don’t need an eharmony discount code to get free messages and icebreakers in your inbox — such privileges are simply part of a free eharmony account now. With a free account, you can read all your messages and respond to some potential matches without a paid membership or an eharmony free communication weekend.

Is eHarmony free to message?

Is it hard to cancel eHarmony subscription?

Compared to many other dating websites, eHarmony makes it easy to cancel your account. However, timing is everything, because if you miss the deadline, you’re in for another subscription period. Select ‘Cancel My Subscription’ at the bottom of the page and follow the process carefully.

How do I cancel my eHarmony account without subscription?

So if you want them to get rid of it, you will have to send an email to [email protected] with the title “Delete My Account Information”, and make an explicit request to have your personal information taken off eHarmony permanently.

How long is the eHarmony free trial?

The eHarmony free seven-day trial is exactly what it sounds like: a full week to try out the dating site to see if it’s worth the subscription price. You’ll be able to set up your profile, take quizzes, discover matches, and interact with them.

Can you communicate on eHarmony without paying?

How much does eHarmony cost?

eHarmony pricing: Free to sign up $59.95 for a 1-month plan $23.95 a month for a 3-month plan $29.95 a month for a 6-month plan

Why is eHarmony so expensive?

eHarmony is so expensive because the site uses a matching algorithm that is proven to work. The platform also has a large user-base of serious and stable singles who can afford the cost. The site is thus a natural fit for marriage-seekers who are willing to pay extra to increase their chances of finding their soulmate.

Is eHarmony worth it?

eHarmony is worth it if you’re looking for a long-lasting relationship. Using eHarmony to its full potential requires users to pay a monthly subscription, so some people may not think it’s worth it to pay to meet people compatible with them if they aren’t serious about finding a compatible match.

Is eHarmony free to use?

eHarmony is free to sign up for, but most of the features require a paid subscription. You can create an account, answer the questionnaire, and see a sample of your matches for free.

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