How much does Canvera album cost?

How much does Canvera album cost?

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₹ 100 ₹ 300
Binding Type handmade
Brand conifer
Color Brown Green

Which is better Canvera vs Karizma?

Karizma Works out if your budget is tighter, Canvera Works out if you want a hassle free work to be complete. For Karizma u have to book individual add-ons for extra pay.

What is Canvera photobook?

Youbooks. Create your own picture stories online with Canvera photobooks. Choose from eight sizes, three gorgeous paper finishes, two customisable covers, and make your photos and your book epic. Free Digital PhotoBook: Get a free digital photobook when you order Youbooks!! Paper Finish.

What is the size of Canvera album?

12 x 36 Inches
Canvera Wedding Album

Size 12 x 36 Inches
Handmade No
Customized Yes
Minimum Order Quantity 20

What is the difference between Canvera and Karizma wedding album?

To be precise, Canvera is a brand from whom you will buy photobooks and they have their own standards in quality of paper, binding material, etc. Whereas, Karizma is more of a generic software product which one can use to design and may be print photos using your own print material.

Is Canvera best album?

THE BEST WEDDING ALBUM FROM CANVERA Discover the Celestial’s unmatched features, its elegance, its perfect finish, and its ethereal beauty. Canvera has been in continuous search for an innovative photobook that symbolizes eternal love with sparkling elegance.

What is the meaning Canvera?

What is the size of canvera album?

What is the difference between canvera and Karizma wedding album?

Why choose Canvera design services for photobook design?

Canvera offers a series of design themes for designing a photobook. It ranges from region specific marriage themes, to variations within the same theme. Canvera Design Services takes over the designing aspect of the photobook and puts the photographer at ease.

What design software does Canvera use?

In our constant effort to empower professional photographers with tools and innovations that yield better outputs, we at Canvera have partnered with two widely popular, gen-x pro design software packages; P’xellu and Fundy. Canvera has a proficient inhouse design team that has been working with professional photographers across categories.

Why choose cancanvera as your album House?

Canvera as we all know the best platform and one and only provider of classy design and album house which is truly international level in India. Along with their professional work I am very much satisfied with their cordial and helpful customer care approach.

What is your experience with Canvera design service team?

My experience with Canvera Design Service Team has been awesome. The whole team is a professional unit who do their work methodically as well as creatively. To make it more special the delivery of the design is a time bound process and there is always an option to suggest changes.

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