How much does AV gas cost?

How much does AV gas cost?

The average nationwide price for 100LL avgas was $4.73, with the lowest reported price just $2.40 and the highest $9.99. On a regional basis, the lowest average price for 100LL avgas is found in the Southwest, where 563 reporting FBOs have an average price of $4.36, with the highest charging $7.19 and the lowest $2.55.

How much is avgas per gallon?

Current Fuel Prices

Jet-A $4.51
Jet-A w/ prist $4.56
Avgas $5.55
Avgas-Self Serve $4.85

What is the current price of jet fuel per gallon?

$4.77 per gallon
Price Per Gallon 100LL is the fuel that you would use for a piston aircraft, such as a Cessna 172. At the time of writing (Q2 2021), the average price of Jet A fuel in the United States is $4.77 per gallon.

How much does JP8 cost?

JP 8 $110.5272 per barrel.

What is the price of aviation fuel per Litre?

For reference, a litre of ATF costs just ₹79 per litre in Delhi, while petrol costs ₹105.84 for the same amount and diesel comes for ₹94.57. The reason behind ATF price being lower than that of petrol and diesel is the way tax on these fuels are calculated.

Can anyone buy aviation fuel?

Anybody can buy av fuel going into an approved fuel container. You cant pull up and have it put directly into a car or your sled.

How much is aviation fuel for a Cessna 172?

The Cessna 172 burns about 7-9 gallons per hour with Avgas typically costing about $6 per gallon, hourly fuel costs for the Cessna Skylane run between $42 and $54 per hour.

How much is a gallon of jet fuel 2021?

Fuel cost per gallon for U.S. airlines scheduled service: The January 2021 cost per gallon ($1.51) for aviation fuel was up 6 cents per gallon from December 2020 ($1.45) but down 47 cents per gallon from January 2020 ($1.98).

How much is a gallon of gasoline in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan Gasoline prices, 24-Jan-2022

Afghanistan Gasoline prices Litre Gallon
AFN 92.000 348.258
USD 0.875 3.312
EUR 0.773 2.926

What is Platts fuel pricing?

What is built into this price is the Platts (or potentially other benchmark) price of gasoline (for example) plus an ‘on-cost’. This includes- but is in no way limited to- the cost of freight, signage and a small margin for your supplier.

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