How much does a HoverJack cost?

How much does a HoverJack cost?

​This HoverJack system is complete in excellent cosmetic and tested working condition. It is ready to use and I guarantee it will not be DOA. This system retails for $4875.00 new. Used to lift any fall patient from the floor to a height of 30 inches one chamber at a time.

What is a HoverJack used for?

The HoverJack® air patient lift has four chambers that inflate sequentially to lift patients from the floor to bed or stretcher height in a supine position, maximizing patient comfort and minimizing the risk of injury to the patient and their caregivers.

What is hover HoverJack?

The HoverJack® Air Patient Lift allows caregivers to safely lift individuals who have fallen without gathering a lift team. The HoverJack consists of four chambers that are inflated sequentially to comfortably lift individuals from the floor to bed or stretcher height in a supine position.

Where is the HoverJack kept?

Position the Hoverjack® beside the patient with the patients head several inches below the top of the jack. Make sure the chamber with Valve 1 is against the floor at foot end. 2. Place the Hovermatt® directly on top of the jack with the right side up, labels at foot end.

How much do Hovermatts weigh?

The patient weight limit for the HoverMatt® air transfer system is 1,200lbs / 544kg.

How much does a HoverMatt weigh?

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Material Specs Sewn construction
Available Sizes: 86cm W x 198cm L (34″)
99cm W x 198cm L (39″)
127cm W x 198cm L (50″)
Weight Limit: 544kg

Where is the Hoverjack kept?

How do you clean a HoverMatt?

If a reusable HoverMatt becomes badly soiled, it should be laundered in a washing machine with a 160° F (65° C) maximum water temperature. A 10:1 bleach solution may be used (10 parts water: one part bleach) during the wash cycle. The HoverMatt should be air dried if possible.

Who invented HoverMatt?

OUR START: HoverTech International was established in 1997 by founder and President, David T. Davis. Dave started HoverTech International in a little home in east Allentown, PA, working 24/7 to make and sell his product, the HoverMatt® Air Transfer System.

Can the hovermatt air transfer mattress be used with the hoverjack lift?

Once the HoverJack lift is inflated, the HoverMatt air transfer mattress can be used with the same Air Supply unit for safe and easy lateral patient transfer to a bed or stretcher. Benefits of the HoverJack Air Patient Lift:

What is a hoverjack® air patient lift?

Recognized as the industry standard for safe patient lifting, the HoverJack ® Air Patient Lift allows caregivers to safely lift patients, staff and visitors who have fallen without gathering a… The Evacuation HoverJack ® is HoverTech’s specialty device for emergency stairwell evacuations.

What is the evacuation EMS hoverjack® device?

The Evacuation EMS HoverJack ® Device was specifically developed to meet the demands of EMS professionals. The Evacuation EMS HoverJack can lift and transport bariatric patients, as well as assist…

What are the benefits of a hover mattress?

Benefits of the HoverMatt Air Transfer Mattress. Air-assisted technology improves patient and caregiver safety and comfort during transfers Inflated mattress moves patient in stable position, reducing skin shear and bruising Heat-sealed construction eliminates needle holes that are potential bacteria pathways.

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