How much diesel does an Espar heater use?

How much diesel does an Espar heater use?

The Espar D2 will run over 20 hours on a single gallon of diesel fuel. On LOW HEAT, this little heater uses as little as 0.02 gallons per hour!

How much power does an Espar heater use?

Technical Data:

Fuel Diesel – EN 590
gal/ h 0.07
Average Power consumption Watt 34
Average Power Consumption while Starting Watt 120
Rate Voltage Volts 12 volts

How does the Espar diesel heater work?

The fan delivers combustion air. Fuel-air mixture ignites (flame formation). The hot combustion gases flow through the heat exchanger that delivers the heat to the coolant system of the vehicle’s engine. The heater is controlled electronically and works – according to heat requirement – in several power stages.

How long can you run Espar heater?

Takes less fuel to heat your van Diesel is more energy-dense than propane, meaning it will take less fuel to heat your van. This heater can run for 24 hours on one gallon of diesel, which is excellent, in terms of consumption.

Where are Espar heaters made?

Made in Germany Heating Solutions Provided by HEATSO Easy-to-use controllers will help you ensure that your heater heats the required space to the required level.

How much diesel does a Eberspacher d2 use?

As the heater powered up and boosted to maximum output, it drew about 2.5A, warming the boat rapidly. In terms of fuel consumption, the manufacturer claims the heater will use between 0.1L and 0.28L of diesel per hour, though we couldn’t easily measure this.

What is an Espar bunk heater?

Eberspaecher (ESPAR) Climate Control System’s Airtronic air heaters operate like forced air furnaces utilizing the vehicle’s own fuel and power supply to produce heat without idling the vehicle.

Are diesel heaters better than propane?

Gas and Diesel are more energy dense than propane, so they take less fuel to heat your van….Disadvantages Of Diesel And Gas Heaters.

Propane Diesel & Gas
Quieter To Run Louder Combustion Process
Hard To Carry Easy To Store Fuel
Harder To Refill Easy To Refill
More Expensive Fuel Cheaper Per BTU

How long will a diesel heater run on a gallon of fuel?

The diesel heating systems he researched produce up to 41,000 BTUs with a fuel burn ranging from 0.04 to 0.40 per hour. For average heating requirements, his system should burn one gallon of diesel for five hours of heat at full load and more likely eight to ten hours per gallon.

Can you run Espar heater while driving?

They are designed for buses, heavy equipment etc. There is no issue running while driving. The only thing would be fuel level. If you get below a 1/3 tank then during a turn the pickup could run dry shutting off the heater momentarily.

What is Espar bunk heater?

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