How many views did the FIFA World Cup get?

How many views did the FIFA World Cup get?

According to FIFA, the 2018 World Cup final between France and Croatia reached an average live audience of 517 million viewers, with more than than 1.1 billion people tuning in over its 90 minutes.

What was the most watched FIFA World Cup?

The FIFA World Cup has attracted an average of 3.2 billion viewers in 2010 and 2014, making it the most-watched overall live event by average on television worldwide in the 21st century.

How many people watched Argentina vs Germany?

The 2006 World Cup stands as one of the most watched events in television history, garnering an estimated 26.29 billion times viewed, compiled over the course of the tournament.

How much money did FIFA make from the World Cup 2014?

The 2014 World Cup generated $4.8 billion in revenue for the organization compared to $2.2 billion in expenses, for a $2.6 billion profit. The 2018 World Cup was an even bigger financial success: $5.36 billion in revenue versus $1.82 billion in expenses.

Does the world Cup get more viewers than Super Bowl?

Despite the fact that the World Cup is such a renowned event worldwide, in the US, the biggest sporting event is the Super Bowl. The difference between the two main sporting events is that the Super Bowl is mostly watched by Americans, therefore not receiving the international viewership that the World Cup does.

What is the most watched sport?

With 3.5 billion fans around the world, soccer is the one sport that pretty much the whole world can agree upon can be claimed the most watched sports in the world.

What is the most viewed series in the world?

Top 100 most watched tv shows of all time

  • Game of Thrones (2011–2019) TV-MA | 57 min | Action, Adventure, Drama.
  • Stranger Things (2016– )
  • The Walking Dead (2010–2022)
  • 13 Reasons Why (2017–2020)
  • The 100 (2014–2020)
  • Orange Is the New Black (2013–2019)
  • Riverdale (2017– )
  • Grey’s Anatomy (2005– )

What is the most viewed show of all time?

Super Bowl XLIX is currently the most watched U.S. television broadcast with 114.4 million viewers.

How many viewers did the 2010 World Cup final have?

About 909.6 million home viewers watched some of the 2010 World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain—more than 14 times the total population of both nations, and about three times of the population of the United States.

How much did Russia pay for the world Cup?

Russia (2018) Russia’s official budget of 678 billion rubles spent on projects for the tournament is less than the $15bn spent by Brazil on the 2014 World Cup.

Are World Cups profitable?

The 2018 World Cup was an even bigger financial success: $5.36 billion in revenue versus $1.82 billion in expenses. The 2022 event is projected to earn a similar profit in the range of $3 billion.

Is the world Cup bigger than the Olympics?

So, in number of tourists, World Cup can be considered bigger. If you talk about audience, both events are watched for about half of the Earth. Fifa World Cup reached 3.2 billions viewers, while Olympic Games 3.5 billions.

How many people watched the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

2014 FIFA World Cup™ – News – 2014 FIFA World Cup™ reached 3.2 billion viewers, one billion watched final –

How popular was the 2014 World Cup in the US?

The 2014 FIFA World Cup broke several TV audience records in key international markets, including the United States and Germany. The final between Argentina and eventual champions Germany attracted an in-home audience of 695 million, up by 12 per cent on the 2010 final for viewers watching for 20 minutes or more.

Was Russia 2018 the best World Cup ever?

All around the world broadcasters reached unprecedented numbers of unique users through their digital platforms as second-screen and on-the-move viewing was firmly established as a way of enjoying the FIFA World Cup. “These figures really do support the claim that Russia 2018 was the best World Cup ever.

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