How many songs have the Pet Shop Boys released?

How many songs have the Pet Shop Boys released?

English synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys have released 14 studio albums, five live albums, seven compilation albums, four remix albums, five soundtrack albums, three extended plays and over seventy singles. The duo’s debut single, “West End Girls”, was first released in 1984 but failed to chart in most regions.

How many are there in the Pet Shop Boys?

In 2016, Billboard magazine named Pet Shop Boys the number one dance duo/group over the 40 years since the chart’s inception in 1976….

Pet Shop Boys
Members Neil Tennant Chris Lowe

What is the name of the first Pet Shop Boys album?

Pet Shop Boys/First album

Please is the debut studio album by English synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys, released on 24 March 1986 by Parlophone in the United Kingdom and by EMI America Records in the United States.

What year did the Pet Shop Boys debut?

Pet Shop Boys/Active from
Pet Shop Boys are an electronic pop duo from England who formed in 1981, comprising of ex-Smash Hits writer Neil Francis Tennant (born July 10, 1954 in North Shields, Northumberland) and one-time architecture student Christopher Sean Lowe (born 4 October 1959 in Blackpool).

Are the Pet Shop Boys a couple?

Ever since, it has been widely rumored—and simply assumed by some—that Chris and Peter were lovers. This rumor has neither been confirmed nor, as far as I know, even acknowledged by the Pet Shop Boys. Status: FALSE (duh!) Rumors of the Pet Shop Boys breaking up seem to recur with remarkable regularity.

What hits did Pet Shop Boys have?

List of songs recorded by Pet Shop Boys

Title Year recorded Author(s)
“Beautiful Launderette” 2021 Tennant, Lowe
“Beautiful People” 2009 Tennant, Lowe
“Before” 1996 Tennant, Lowe
“Being Boring” 1990 Tennant, Lowe

Who is Christina Hizon?

Christina Hizon is a Composer, Production and Session Musician. She performed and toured with artists such as Dua Lipa, Pet Shop Boys, Maisie Peters and Clean Bandit.

How old is Craig David?

40 years (May 5, 1981)
Craig David/Age

Who is Chris Lowe partner?

Christopher Sean Lowe (born 4 October 1959) is an English musician, singer and songwriter, and co-founder of the synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys, which he formed with Neil Tennant in 1981….

Chris Lowe

Who is Neil Tennant partner?

Chris Lowe
Neil Francis Tennant (born 10 July 1954) is an English musician, singer, songwriter and music journalist, and co-founder of the synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys, which he formed with Chris Lowe in 1981….

Neil Tennant
Associated acts Pet Shop Boys Electronic

Where is Neil Tennant from?

North Shields, United Kingdom
Neil Tennant/Place of birth

Where is Christina Hizon from?

‘ ‘They treat you more like adults here, as individuals rather than children,’ adds her 14-year-old friend Christina Hizon, who plays piano and gets up at 5.45am daily to make the 90-minute journey from her home in east London. She has wanted to go to the Brit Academy since she was 10.

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