How many people died during the Vargas tragedy?

How many people died during the Vargas tragedy?

Entire towns including Cerro Grande and Carmen de Uria completely disappeared. As much as 10% of the population of Vargas died during the event….Vargas tragedy.

A part of Vargas state after the 1999 mudslides
Date 5 December 1999 – 21 December 1999
Deaths 10,000–30,000
Location of Vargas in Venezuela

Why did the Vargas tragedy happen?

Heavy rainfall from the storm of December 14-16, 1999 triggered thousands of landslides on steep slopes of the Sierra de Avila north of Caracas, Venezuela. In addition to landslides, heavy rainfall caused flooding and massive debris flows that damaged coastal communities in the State of Vargas along the Caribbean Sea.

What is the port for Caracas?

Port of La Guaira
The Port of Puerto Cabello lies on the shores of north central Venezuela on its Caribbean shores about 120 kilometers west of the Port of La Guaira and Venezuela’s capital city, Caracas. Vitally important to the country’s oil industry, the Port of Puerto Cabello is the biggest port in Venezuela.

Was Vargas a dictator?

He began his political career as district attorney, soon becoming a state deputy prior to an interim period. Three years later he seized powers under the pretext of a potential communist insurrection, beginning the eight-year long Estado Novo dictatorship.

What did Vargas do in Brazil?

His greatest accomplishment was to guide Brazil as it weathered the far-reaching consequences of the Great Depression and the accompanying polarization between communism and fascism during his long tenure in office. Vargas was born in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, into a family prominent in state politics.

Does Venezuela have natural disasters?

The hurricane season runs from around 1 June to 30 November, and can affect parts of northern Venezuela. Venezuela is vulnerable to earthquakes. …

How fast is a debris flow?

Debris flows can travel at speeds up to and exceeding 35 mph and can carry large items such as boulders, trees, and cars. If a debris flows enters a steep stream channel, they can travel for several miles, impacting areas unaware of the hazard.

What is a debris flood?

Debris floods have been defined descriptively as mineral and organic sediment-rich floods, occurring in a steep channel and potentially destabilizing the streambed and banks.

Is Caracas a port city?

listen)) is the capital city of the Venezuelan state of the same name (formerly named Vargas) and the country’s main port. It was founded in 1577 as an outlet for Caracas, 30 kilometres (19 mi) to the southeast….

La Guaira
Coordinates: 10°36′0″N 66°55′59″W
Country Venezuela
State La Guaira State
Founded 1555

How did Vargas come to power?

In 1930, after losing the presidential election, Vargas rose to power under a provisional presidency following an armed revolution, remaining until 1934 when he was elected president under a new constitution. Historians consider Vargas as the most influential Brazilian politician of the 20th century.

What does Vargas State stand for?

Vargas State ( Spanish: Estado Vargas, IPA: [esˈtaðo ˈβarɣas]) is one of the 23 states of Venezuela. It is named after Venezuela’s first civilian president, José María Vargas. The state covers an area along the Caribbean coast in the north of Venezuela. It borders Aragua to the west and Miranda to the east.

When did Vargas become part of Bolivia?

In 1868, Vargas became part, together with the Libertador Department, of the State of Bolivar (current territory of the State of Miranda, Capital District and State of La Guaira together).

What was the cause of the Vargas tragedy?

The Vargas tragedy was a natural disaster that occurred in Vargas State, Venezuela on 14–16 December 1999, when torrential rains caused flash floods and debris flows that killed tens of thousands of people, destroyed thousands of homes, and led to the complete collapse of the state’s infrastructure.

What is the capital of Venezuela’s Vargas state?

Vargas contains the country’s largest seaport and airport. The state’s capital city is La Guaira . The area was previously governed as part of Venezuela’s Federal District. The governor was chosen by the federal government of Venezuela. In 1998 the government of Rafael Caldera made Vargas split Vargas from the Federal District.

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